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In DIRE need of Identifying two fonts

I am in dire need of identifying the two fonts on the image. Both the Name Above, and the word Punkintown. The former designer was unable to provide the font names. The upper looks similar to ITC Bradley Hand, just not the exact font. The "K" in Punkintown seems almost manually created such as via Photoshop, but just not figuring it out. Help! Thank you!

BLAST 1 - serif face used by Wyndham Lewis, 1914


I am looking to find out more about the serif font used in BLAST 1, the famous British Vorticist publication. THe sample attached is of the serif face in question, the rest of the publication primarily uses a heavy Grot.

If you don't know it already, well worth a look at some truly avant-garde typography considering the context. http://dl.lib.brown.edu/mjp/render.php?view=mjp_object&id=1143209523824844

thanks as always for any time and assistance.


Curious sample of 'Louvaine' from Solotype Catalog - any matches?

Hello! Found this example on p136 of the Solotype catalog.

According to the Solopedia - http://abfonts.freehostia.com/solopedia/solopedia-l.htm - this font is a match for something called 'Bulldog' I cant find this anywhere, wondering if anyone had another similar typeface?

As always, may thanks for any assistance...


Harlequin romance novel cover typeface

I've been wracking my brain and searching my type books trying to identify the typeface regularly used on the cover of vintage Harlequin romance novels, but so far I've had no luck.

The good news is I have an extensive sample character set:

It's not Tiffany, though some of the letters are clearly close.

Does anyone have any guesses? This is driving me crazy!

Thank you in advance for any help!

Stencil Serif Type for Boat Barn Sign


I'm developing some custom type to be used on a sign adorning the boat barn my father is building. A stencil serif was requested and this is what I've come up with. It needs some cleaning up, as I drew it with the AI Blob Brush tool, but I'd be curious what others see regarding proportions and overall aesthetics. Once I'm happy with the type I'll manipulate it into a cohesive design around a half-hull model of the boat being built, which will live in the barn during the off-season.

Looking for an old style font with real small caps!


Hi guys, hope I am in the right part of the forum to ask this question.

I am looking for a nice old style font face that has a real small caps font and is also available somewhere with an app license for smartphones. The actual font I wanted to use was "Minion Pro", but Adobe doesn`t provide app licensing for their fonts yet : (

As an alternative I found "Sabon" via myfont.com, but still wanted to ask you guys what you have been using and how it worked out with the licensing for you.

Thanks in advance : )

To modify or to not modify?


I'm about to buy the Plume Advertising font from Dalton Maag for a project. It is just a slab serif as voluptuous and playful as I need, but I'm with a little doubt.

Considering the specific composition of words below, what do you people think is the best version of "R"? The upper version is the original one, and below is the one I effed up with.

I just can't come to a conclusion on which version better balances the quirky details and the color (disconsidering the shitty kerning used here). Isn't "ALEGRE" looking to much excentric in comparison to "PORTO" in my version?

Hope you can help me! :)