Hi, does anyone recognize this font? I've been searching for ages!

Thank you,

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wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!

Good morning! I'm having a complete brain fart when it comes to this typeface. The G is so familiar but I can't recall the name of the typeface off the top of my head.

If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Does anyone have any idea what this font is, have to recreate it, no source files :(

Preto Serif pdf specimen and more samples...
Buy Preto Serif at MyFonts

Hello people, I need help to identify this font. Thanks in advance, this place is great !

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What is the font?

This logo was designed for us by an advertising agency designer who has since left the agency. The CD has no record of the work, and I have had no luck trying to identify the font. One special feature of the font is the letter "k". Does anyone know the name of this font?


Tom Kerr

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Font with Serifs unidentifiable?

Hi, Can anyone help identify this font?



I'd love to identify the font used in this wine label to write "ninety." There may not be much to go on here, but I figured maybe the experts would know.

Or could you recommend something similar? I love the width of the 'n' and the tail of the 'y'...actually I love all five letters there.

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wondering what this typeface is called?
Thanks in advance!

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wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!

Hi, just want to know whether this font is custom made for this brand or not.

Any ideas?

Looks a lot like Aldine 721, but not exact. The numbers also are quite different.



wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!

Does anyone know what the primary font is (heading and body) in the attached ad, and if there is a modern digital version of it? My intuition tells me that if there were, I would see it used, because it really is beautiful. It seems to have been very common back in its day, but I'd never seen it until I recently started looking at old print ads and such.

I'd like to make sure I've researched it thoroughly before putting in the time to recreate it myself. Any help is much appreciated. I'm a new member on this forum, so hello to all.

Hey all,

Would love if you experts could help me ID this font. It's awesome!

Thank you!!

Hi Typophiles,

Wondering if you could help me out with IDing the fonts used on this site: Sous Style. I've also attached a screen shot.

It looks like they're using a serif (in the CSS it specifies Baskerville, but I've not known Baskerville to look like that) and an unknown "Geometric Light" embedded typeface - but I'm having no luck identifying either.

Thanks much!!

Trying to figure out the serif typeface used in the CautionWear logo. All responses are appreciated!

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Search for a Bible

I am on the lookout for a well typeset Bible. I am most interested in finding one that's set in a nice serif face, ideally with some contemporary styling (e.g. something like Fedra, or Tiempos), but I'm open to any good suggestions. I've had a look at but he's a bit more focused on binding & materials than the typesetting.

Thanks for any good direction you can point me in.

Any idea what the font on the invite is? I've found similar, but certain characters (e.g. W, f, apostrophes) and the spacing are always different.
Thanks in advance!

Reading Zeit Wissen I was marvelling at how beautiful Publico is until I realized that it's not Publico.
Sorry for the poor image quality, but it's late and I need to know what this Serif is or I won't sleep tonight…

Thank you!


I would be glad to have your opinion concerning the Neue Frutiger 1450 released by Monotype. I've also seen that they have published an article : "DIN 1450 – the German standard on legibility of texts" which could be seen as a marketing argument to justify, and sell this 1450 serie. (Maybe I'm wrong?).

I've seen some tough feedbacks on Twitter today by some weel known and hi-skilled type designers :

Hi there! I'm desperately trying to find the name of this font - it is bold - it almost looks like a bold Shango, but as you see the "o's" of the typeface are squared off in its corners. Any help you could give would be so hugely appreciated!

I'm in a diploma in writing and publishing and am taking a class on letterpress printing. One of our assignments was to clean and identify some type cases. These are two type samples that I can't identify. I've already tried what the font and have looked through a lot of books and have come up with nothing. Similar types will not work in this case as I need to know the exact name of the type. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hello - -this post follows up on a search fro a very similar condensed serif used for Time-Life (

I am trying to identify the typeface used in a Hernan Bas catalogue from last year, published by Distanz in Germany... any help much appreciated, thank you!


We would love to know what font is used on this very popular series of books published in the late 80s by Time-Life

As ever, many thanks for your time and expertise! This post is also related to an enquiry about a similar tpyeface used on a Hernan Bas catalogue from Germany which I will be posting next...

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