Hi guys

Can you held me with this one?


Looking for this ID or something similar. Thanks.

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Half serif stems

Hi everyone!

This is my first attempt to get competent critique about my font. So please, Don’t beat me up too hard :)
I will be very appreciated about any critics and comments.
My first serif typeface I am trying to make a little bit retro, fashy, but contemporary.
It has 5 different serif shapes depending on the position of prominent parts of letters (maybe a little bit too complicated, but I like it).
I know there are still many things to work on and improve, but the main parts I am really not sure about are sharp ends of stems. The stems are the only parts without any serifs and I guess it makes the whole face unusual.
Please look at PDF files attached below.

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Confounding font

Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I couldn't figure out this font with whatthefont or identifont or the help of a few co-workers, or going through my whole font library one at a time, so I ask if you recognize this font.

I have a photo of the font, and a version where I blackened a selection of the letters, and a version where I blackened and sheared the letters back to an angle that seemed non-italicized. Thanks guys.

I'm working on a little project for this association and they have no idea what font was used for their identity. I have searched and searched and found that it is similar to Berling but it isn't quite a match. I will be eternally grateful if you fine folks knew what the main font was or even the font in the tagline "always in season." It would give me something to work with.

To ricreate a logo, i need to know what is the name of this font. Many fonts i found are similar but the Type "A" is different in anyone else...

I need your help, Thank You!!!

First time posting so excuse me if I leave anything out. I need to design around an awful logo I was given and am having a hard time matching the font 100%. I get close, but the "y" is always the downfall. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi, I'm working on a website that I really want to invoke an early Modernist feel, both in layout and typography, somewhere like 20s or 30s but without the arts and crafts movement or art deco tropes.

For the sans-serif font, I was debating between Gill Sans, Verlag, or Erbar, and I went with Erbar because licensing for Verlag is difficult for web, and Gill Sans is perhaps too common. (That being said, Joanna goes very, very well with Gill Sans)

There's not much I can find on Erbar, because anything on Erbar is just a reference to Futura.

Can anyone help with this typeface? I thought it was from Lost Type but it's not. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Hi there,

I think this is a cut of baskerville with customised 'k' and cap 'd' but im just guessing so I was wondering if anyone knew it?

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What serif is used here?

Notice the "e" in the font. It comes up diagonally. I've yet to figure out what font this is.

Hi folks,

Appreciate anyone who chips in to this. Fleshing out a branding/identity project and looking for pairing a serif typeface with Akkurat:

Akkurat is already established, used in the logo and has been used for body text. It is for a design agency. The challenge I've had is choosing a serif face to partner it. Why? When creating documents with longer passages of text, I'd rather not use Akkurat for absolutely everything. A lot of the clients are Universities and in the Education sector, and I always feel they prefer serifs as well (albeit ungrounded research).

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Please ID font

Hello, does anyone know which font this is? Thank you so much.

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Serif-Stencil font?

Hello, I wonder what this font is?

Gerard Unger's multi-award winning typeface now features small caps in all of its styles. After the release of Capitolium 2 and Capitolium News 2, which take advantage of OpenType possibilities and feature a broader language coverage –including accents for northern and central Europe languages– editorial designers from around the globe started to ask for small cap support... You asked for it, we deliver!

Contact us for an upgrade!

Anyone know which fonts Bon use in their magazine and online?
Especially interested in the serif one with the words "Ädelsten & Asfalt".

I am trying to find out what font this is! (obviously)

I've attached the full logo and a close up of "university" for extra reference. I know that some of the letters such as the 'R' in Washburn have been altered. I am wondering if this font was specially designed for the logo? I can't find it anywhere.

Thanks in advance!

Hi All,

Hoping some awesome type nerd on here can help me identify the typeface form this image please. It is from the Shopify site (about halfway down the homepage).



Found this font in a Plaza Magazine.
Tried but it could not be identified.

maybe someone here knows what it is!

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Serif font

Hi typophiles!
Can you identify this font, please?

I found some similarities with Old Style 7 (

Thanks in advance.

Hello fellow typophiles!

Back with another type ID request. The attached example is a rather silly image found on Pinterest, but I'm looking for an elegant, extra bold, Bodoni-like serif like the one used. Any idea what this seemingly more modern take might be?


Hello, I'm trying to identify this typeface. I can't make hide nor hair of it. Please help!

Particularly interested in the font/fonts used for this cover. The "Sixty Stories" in particular, but is the "Donald Barthelme" the same font or different?


Does anyone happen to know what font this might be?

I thought it could be a Garamond variant. The M is quite distinctive.


Hello everyone. I am a novice in type design aiming on making a serif (and if possible, a sans-serif companion) type system aimed at newspaper use. I am still in development, and I am looking at some other fonts that look great on print.

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