Anyone know this?

These are from a house/mailbox numbering service and an I.D. would be very much appreciated...

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Nice Serif


There are few characters, but I wonder which is the font used in this beautiful CD cover

(top type of course, the lower one seems pretty much like Georgia)

Thanx a lot :)


Need this serif font from the book cover identified for the author of the book. Graphic designer of the book is unreachable. I have to update her website, and need to add a book quote in the same font.
THX in advance!


I know this is a long shot, but can anyone ID this font? Unfortunately, the only characters I got are the ones you can see at the attached image.


I've looked everywhere for this, and I simply can't recognize it. It may look like someone manually made it wider than it actual

I've looked everywhere for this, and I simply can't recognize it. It may look like someone manually made it wider than it actually is. The G looks pretty off. Appreciate all the help I can get.

Is anyone able to ID the Serif font used here? Many thanks in advance!

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I need help


I searched everywhere, can someone identify this font ?


Hi All!

I met this beautiful, condensed italic font (serif, but not very much) in my (previous) paperback edition of [The Design of Everyday Things] (wonderful book, BTW); but I cannot exactly identify the font.



Any ideas?

Hi guys,

Came across the Surface Magazine logo... wondering what font this is.

It reminds me of ITC Crouch... a Caslon-alike typeface.

Anyone? :)

Thanks so much!


wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!

wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!

The experimental Eskapade fraktur by Alisa Nowak, received two additions to the family. This time, Alisa created two fonts of the old-style nature adapting a humanist structure with condensed proportions. Both, the roman and italic have strong links to the Fraktur providing for a balanced harmony in mixed text-settings. Please contact us for details, if you wish to upgrade to the full Eskapade family.

more information:

Hi there,
I need to find out another face for body text from a newspaper.
Thanks in advance

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Sketchy Serif

Hello All,

I am wondering which font is used on this image... is it a commercial font or a custom hand drawn one?
if so, would anybody know a similar font that I could use with to make a match?

Thanx a lot ! :)

Hi all,

Could anybody help me identify this font?

Many Thanks


I'm after a cheap, or a free slab serif. with open counters, low contrast, a good x-height making it very legible for academia. A neutral look, with understated curves. Preferably with Light, Regular, and Bold styles.


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Hello typopeople !
I'd love to get your feedback on this typeface. Any Critiques are accepted & welcomed

Thanks by advance

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Cool Serif Font

Looking to ID this font for a project.
It is possible that the creator of this graphic altered the lowercase letters to be the same size as the uppercase letters.


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Hello all--
I've got an in-progress here that needs your eyes. It's based on a hastily designed logo for a paper sculpture artist that I thought had some potential as a full set of letters. It's a bit of a mash-up of different elements but here's the main points I want: display face, high contrast, flared serifs and abrupt wedge serifs, large x-height, and some other thin, swashy elements and unconventional forms are ok with me since I envision it being used at large sizes. I'd also like to make light and ultra weights too.

This'll take too long to scroll through all my fonts, moving on to something else and hoping someone can help...

I am trying to recreate this logotype because the original files have been lost.

It may be two different typefaces -- it's hard to tell. What the Font couldn't help me...

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