fonts with underline ordinal indicators - ª º

I'd like to know if there is any list of fonts that contain the ª º underlined, as used in some languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) to indicate ordinal numbers (such as in "1ª, 2º" etc).

There are way too many fonts that do not have those underlined superscript symbols, so I'd also like to know what is the recommended typographical practice in such cases. It seems that the practice of underlining such superscripts is slowly disappearing, but mainly because so many fonts don't have them.

I have been able to identify some fonts that have the characters -- Cambria, Calibri, Profile, Constantia, EB Garamond, High Tower Text, Palatino Linotype.

Contextual Lookups for Ordinals


I have this lookup for ordinals. It works OK for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc., and for Caps, 1ST, 2ND, 3RD, etc., but not for ordinals in French or Spanish, which use one or three ordinals e.g. 2º or 1ème.

How can I change my code to cater for one or more alpha characters after the digits? One to three superscripts would be OK, but I think one or more would be more flexible.

feature Ordinals ordn {
lookup Ordinals;
group @Digits [zero-nine];
group @Alphas [A-Z a-z];

lookup Ordinals{
context (@Digits) @Alphas @Alphas;
sub 0 Super;
sub 1 Super;
} lookup Super {
sub [A-Z] -> [uniEAA1 - uniEABA];
sub [a-z] -> [uniEAC1 - uniEADA];

I am using OpenType Compiler.