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web typography

Web typography



I'm working on the design of a new online news platform. We want to use innovative ways of browsing through news and create the best possible reading experience on both desktop and mobile devices. I'm looking for information resources on excellent web typography. Can you help me?

Thanks a lot!

Jeroen Disch,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

How do you handle dynamic content that varies in length? (quotes/testimonials/descriptions)


I'm having a delimma where I'm trying to display quotes/testimonials in a slider. The content is dynamic, and varies in length. Most of the comments are approximately 110 characters, the limit is 500 characters, and there are a fair amount over 200 characters. It would be disruptive to accommodate the largest comment (500 characters), because for most of the comments it would be a huge area of wasted space. We'll probably based the amount of space around 250 characters, and then we need an option for the comments larger than 250. I can't think of anything that would work well in a slideshow because it's constantly rotating. If we just change the height then the site will be growing and shrinking a lot which looks weird.

Ampersand Web Typography Conference


In case you hadn't heard about it, I thought I'd give a mention to Ampersand, a one-day conference specifically focussing on web typography.

It will be held in the famous Brighton Dome Corn Exchange, in the seaside town of Brighton, UK on Friday 17th June 2011.

Ampersand is an affordable one-day event for knowledgable web designers & type enthusiasts. The idea is to represent the overlapping worlds of type design, web design and software, and the event should be a fun day of nitty gritty details from experts in font design & development, typesetting & font usage, browser implementations, and with glimpses of a bright typographic future.

The line up will be:

* Vincent Connare
* Jon Tan (web designer & cofounder of Fontdeck)
* Jonathan Hoefler
* David Berlow

Ampersand Conference

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Ampersand is a conference specifically focussing on web typography. It is held in the Brighton, UK and organised by Clearleft, a web design consultancy based in Brighton.

Ampersand is billed as:

An affordable one-day event for knowledgable web designers & type enthusiasts.

The inaugural event will be held on Friday June 17th in the Brighton Dome Corn Exchange, Brighton, UK.

The line up will be:

  • Vincent Connare, creator of Comic Sans
  • Jon Tan, web designer at Analog & cofounder of Fontdeck
  • Jonathan Hoefler, president of Hoefler & Frere Jones
  • David Berlow, type designer & cofounder of The Font Bureau

Pixels or Ems


Hi everyone,

With the recent developments in web typography: web fonts, latest browser upgrades, higher screen resolutions, mobile devices, iPhone, iPad, responsive Web Design, etc, what's the best practice when it comes to setting type on the web, is it better (in terms of usability, accessibility, readability) to set the font size in pixels or ems? What about the margins, padding and line-height?