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Creating a script typeface from hand writing


I want to create a typeface (OTF) based upon the handwriting of my Grandmother. She has beautiful handwriting. What I am wondering is if there is some resource out there outlining a list of particular words or a paragraph, that I should have her write in order to understand the relationship between specific letters (i.e. ss, th, tt, ing, etc.). My thought is that there may be a paragraph (or more) of text that she can write down and that I can study in order to learn and create the typeface. Any insight on how I might go about starting this would be great! Thanks!

ID Hand Written Font from Vector Stock Image

I need help identifying this font:

It seems to actually be two fonts (one for the top text and one for the bottom). I have downloaded a Vector Stock image from http://www.vectorstock.com/royalty-free-vector/vintage-card-vector-826177 and I really liked the way this font looked together with that image. Unfortunatly the text is not editable and does not have any info about the font used.

If the exact font cannot be identified, suggestions would be helpful. I am looking for something to go along with that image. I plan on using the floral type design from the link to make a gift label for guests at a wedding.

Trying to ID this hand written font but having a hard time finding it! Need help ASAP!!!

I'm trying to duplicate a font that my company used for a client but our computer crashed and we lost all our font files. I've been searching high and low for this particular font...I get close but never anything that really nails it...i need help ASAP! I don't want to lose this super important client over not being able to find this font! Thank you everyone for your input and help with this!! Help me forum buddies...you're my only hope!!


Hi there, I'm designing an album sleeve and am looking to use a typeface which is inspired by the artwork of Jean Michel Basquiat. I was just wondering if anyone could suggest any hand drawn style fonts that references his work or suggest any sites worth searching? Thanks alot! B