Font problem

Descenders clipping on Windows environment


I have a strange problem with one of my fonts - descenders are clipping on Win / Publisher 2013 & Wordpad at least. I can't duplicate the problem by myself on any of my programs on Mac.
I've had some clipping issues sometimes before with fonts exceeding the UPM but now the strange thing is that the font gets clipped directly under baseline?!

Any idea what's this about?

Custom font family defaulting to Times (except for one typeface)


I am using Fontlab to create a font family; there is a regular, bold, and expanded typeface. I have installed the font on a windows machine (not my choice ugh), and it does run properly in MS Word (surprise, note sarcasm). I am only given the Expanded version as an option in MS Word. It defaults to that when I select the font. If I try to manually change it, it gives me Time New Roman, but calls the other fonts Regular, and Bold. It does however run fine in the Adobe Suite, CS2 (what a shock, note sarcasm)

I have examined several MS fonts and I am using the exact settings (with my font names of course) under basic font name panel. I am literally creating the same naming convention and settings for each of the three fonts. Any ideas?