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Need critique

In need of critique of this logo. All opinions are appreciated.

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Logo Critique

In need of critique of this logo. All opinions appreciated.

Hello forum,

I have been a silent Typophile forum user for quite some time. While I have had graphic design training, most of my typography and design know-how is self-taught and this site has often times served as a valuable resource. With that said, I'd appreciate feedback on this logo for a metal/rock band that I've been working on. I have included sketches and snapshots of the design process:


I am new to this forum and would like to ask your opinion/critiques on my new logo for a small design agency. The older one was created some time ago and now I'm not fully satisfied with it. It doesn't work very well on small sizes and looks a little bit old-fashioned to me. I've created several new versions with a modern look but can't decide which will work better.

To keep continuity with the old logo I used same red and gray. The font is also the same.

What logo do you think suits best for a small design studio? Do you have any negative associations with any of these logos? Any thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

I desperately need to find out which font is used in this logo, since I couldn't find and contact original designer who did this. I would appreciate your help.

Many thanks!

So I'm attempting to to redesign the corporate identity for this brand here.

The logo is currently used for a professional gaming team that has been around for many years. In terms of what the brand should represent: professionalism, edginess & competition/sportiness with perhaps a bit of a futuristic vibe given the industry it's in.

As you can see, the text version of the logo is quite tacky and outdated (currently uses Concelian Jet).

While the core shape of the logo is unlikely to be changed, I've been considering trying to change the font used in the main logo and move it *beneath* the logo instead of on top. However, I've been struggling to find something that really fits well visually.


I've designed a couple logos for an accelerator called "WE". For some reason I've been struggling with how short the term "WE" is.

The first logo is based on an isometric grid. I don't know how legible it may be.
The second one is much simpler.

What do you think? Which one should I go with? What should I change?

Thanks in advance.

Can you please identify this san serif?

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Critique: Monogram Logo


I am new to the forums and am extremely exited to dig into them and join the conversations, for my first post I was wanting to get some feedback. I am currently working on some basic branding for myself and was wanting to know what you thought of the mark I made for myself. Could I get general impressions and what you think is wrong with it? Thanks so much!

Here is my Old logo:

Here is my new one:

So first off… hello to everyone. I am new to the typophile site. I have looked through it many times before and am in awe of the depth of knowledge that this site brings to surface. I am a design student here in Florida bumbling around the world of type and look forward to learning and sharing here. I have a ton to learn but I am a hard worker and ready for some knowledge in hopes that one day when the design cosmos aligns and can share my experience strength and hope with another with the same desire for knowledge.

So I am currently learning the nuances of type (I hope :>) and have a challenge. The current project is branding a mobile food service.

I´m looking for the font of this logo.

Especially for the font of "Schaffhausen" and "Entdeckungsreise".
Can you help me, please!

Kind regards

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client's brand used for final output

Apologies for the low resolution of this image. focus on the upper portion of the logo, thank you.

So here I am having a client for my final output for a course in my university and we agreed on the rebranding of the logo as being like this image up here.

my problem now is what "C" can be best similar to this? (See the center of the top portion of the logo.)
- has a ball terminal
- more or less constant width throughout the stroke of the "C"

I am trying to have the look that the "C" that will be used in this logo will be the one that will be used for the brand name as well (since it also starts with C; both words to be exact.)

In addition, I'd need a second type that will accompany the primary type (for touchpoints and other deliverables)

Bengala is a trendy new type system. The family is made up of a script style, an extended all-caps style, and an ornament set that includes the animal illustrations shown here.

It's my first post, so hello everyone.
I would like to know your opinion about this logo, which I created for publishing company called WiR. It's completely imaginary company which produces books and e-books in two languages. My idea is that they have a special method where text flow from one language to the other. That's why I tried to connect all 3 letters. "W" and "R" are first letters of founders surnames and "i" is "and" in my language. What do you think?

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Playful, quirky , modern logo

Hey Guys,

attached is my moodboard for a playful and quirky logo, yet still modern.
I'm looking for more idea's typewise.

Thanks !

I'm looking for suggestions for font pairings to go with our new logo.

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center is a non profit located in Atlanta, Georgia. Quick summery is that the building is a historic mansion where we have we have 200 art classes and rent for weddings and events. I have a background in commercial photography and am a jr. designer. I am working on branding guidelines and a friend suggested I post here for font suggestions.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Looking for a good san serif heading font and serif body font that my staff will have on their newest version of Microsoft Office or we can get for free/minimal cost.

Hi Everyone. We would love your feedback on a logo we've created for a modern art gallery in Nairobi. MOCA stands for the Museum of Contemporary Art.

It will be the first Contemporary Art Gallery in Kenya which is quite exciting.

Thanks in advance...

Designed a handwritten signature logo for a digital photographic artist. His interests lies in surrealism, digital art, and photography.

Pétala Pro gave his first steps almost ten years ago. During this time, the quest for perfection had forced several interruptions. It was necessary recalculate the route, tread other ways, discover new maps, and make easy curves. After all, a new milestone on typeface design was reached.

Pétala Pro combines readability with a gentle but strong personality. The smooth and balanced forms shares space with expressive ink traps. The 18 styles of the family – from Thin to Black – allow the flexibility needed to complex design briefs. When designing the different weights, rather than automated solutions, ​​subtle adjustments were made to value the optical qualities of each style. Such care, makes all the difference under extreme conditions.

Hi all,

I need typeface suggestions for this fashion label with the description down below. I have also attached images of the types of logos that appeal to them. Key words are bold, playful, upmarket and modern. I tried to play with black-letter but I am looking for a more contemporary feel. I like the Hook and Irons Co. typeface as well which has a personable almost hand drawn feel to it. Any help/advice would be appreciated :)

Target: Women 25-35

The Logo Design is for a new and edgy fashion brand that specializes in Leather and High-end Faux Fur. The company is, Noble Deviance and we create accessories, apparel and footwear for women living in major cities like New York, Tokyo and everywhere in between. It's street wear with a touch of luxury.

So I am creating this logo for a customer and it is based on a custom typeface I have designed for myself for use in my work. So when i create the final logo type using that typeface, will I be able to transfer the copyright of the logo(only the logotype, as a standalone piece of design) to the customer. I am asking this because typefaces aren't copyrightable in the US and i dont want the customer to end up with a logo that they don't even own full copyright to.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Everyone,

I need some feedback on this logo.Client business is to supply food supplements to gyms. Here is the logo.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for any help on this. I am told that "Bastard" is Blair. Please confirm. And then what is "Magnificent?" Thanks.


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