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Logo fonts used?

Can anybody help identify the fonts here?

The logo, I guess is modified, but from what font? Maybe it came from the font used in the 2nd line??

The 2nd line… contains a C that seems modified, taking from the logo, but the other characters are from?


The 4th line is different as seen from the R, C & O.

LOGO: "MR. BOLLYWOOD" [A Personal Photography Project]

Dear sir or ma'am:

Thank you for your time and I am humbled by the many creative and graphical artists on the Typophile forum. I am seeking your expertise on kerning advice on the font in the embedded logo for my personal photography project. The colors are inspired from the actual flag of India. I found the Pantone colors that appears on the actual Indian flag.

New: HapticScript family by Henning Skibbe


The HapticScript family is a connected brush script with a warm, personal and soft character. The typeface family has five styles from Light through Black. It was designed as a companion and extension to the Haptic sans-serif family.

HapticScript has up to 14 variations for each glyph. The almost 2,000 characters per font including 40+ ligatures enable designers to give each word an individual look. Many swash characters for initials and word endings make words looks as if they were hand lettered.

Five Styles: Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold and Black

OpenType features: Ligatures, Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Sets, Old Style figures, Tabular figures


Initials logo idea

Hi everyone,

I'm playing with my new personal logo and I would like to use my initials of PH and transform them into the cube which I'm almost there I think (Cube like a basic 3d object - I want to focus on 3d design :) ). But there is still something what I don't see what's wrong. I would like to have same width on the top and bottom and between P and H. Technically the P is same like H but optically the H looks wider. Also I tried some grid....

I'll be happy if you can suggest any opinions and ideas what to fix.

Thank you very much.

Lettering reference help

I'm currently attempting to hand letter a logo based off of some faint visual memories of some mid-century modern lettering I've seen through my travels. I'm hoping someone out there can look at what I have so far and point me to some existing typefaces or lettering that evoke this "style" so I may reference them to perfect the whole thing!
I would also love some general feedback and guidance if people are willing to share it!

logo help for winery

I recently moved into a marketing position for a new winery called Firehouse Wine Cellars, but I can't stand the logo they are using. It's wrong in a million different ways (copperplate, unbalanced, palace script - see for yourself).
They want to keep a vintage feeling and use of a maltese cross. I was thinking about using something like LHF Old Tom for heading text, but am not sure what to pair it with or how to incorporate a maltese cross. Please help! I've hit a block!

Circle guide technique ?



I'm fairly experienced in Illustrator, but there's a technique that I can't seam to figure out.

Here the designers used some circles as guides. Very sharp and snapping the guide.


My Problem:
I know how to make an object into a guide, but how do I get my objects curves to be as clean as the guides. I can do it by eye, but it's never exactly on point.

Does this technique have a name I can google or can somebody send me some tutorials.

Thank you.

Would love some logo feedback (also looking to hire designer for touch ups)

Here's the logo and some additional information: http://i.imgur.com/90M7zzt.png

For those interested in the job (contact me at cwrichardkim@gmail.com):
The Old
We find that our current logo has a range of issues:
1) It’s too bland. We strived for simple, but ended up with bland.
2) Unrelatable to our primary audience (college students)
3) We strove for: Sleek, high quality, class, professional, fun

The New
We’re looking for a new identity for our upcoming expansion
1) Color scheme. Finding a color scheme that fits us is our primary mission. The colors have to work across the platform

References for chinese-character-inspired logo?

Hi Folks!

Long time ago, i viewed a logo on Behance that inspired by Chinese character "Ren" which means man/people. It was amazing!
I was stunned by it because i think it's rare for western logo / designer using chinese character as the inspiration or element. Please anyone who knows some references about this kind of logo(type), would you like to tell me?

P.S: anyone guess know the logo i had viewed on Behance? Bacause i have an all night seaching on Behance and i can'f found it again because i forgot anything but the logo looks like (see bellow)

Logo Redesign/Realign Starting Point


Good day everyone,

I have been considering a realign of my families brand for a few years, and the legibility of the current logo has recently been discussed and not being ready for moving into a larger market, which we are considering.

I am an amateur at this, and before I go stumbling through this process, I was wondering if you all had any suggestions on where to start.

This is what I am starting with: http://i.imgur.com/gsk45Dz.jpg

Theatre Company

Hi, everyone!

I was assigned to design a logo for a theater company. They are producing their first stage play by now, so they are putting a great importance on the logo. It is called "Gentes", which is an unnatural plural of the collective word for "people" in Portuguese.

What sets them apart from other companies in Sao Paulo is that they are going to produce original musical theater, with brand new books and music. Most of the other companies go the other way round: their work is either Broadway musicals barely translated to Portuguese or jukebox musicals telling the stories of some important Brazilian artists.

Feedback welcome on typographic Metal/Rock band logo

Hello forum,

I have been a silent Typophile forum user for quite some time. While I have had graphic design training, most of my typography and design know-how is self-taught and this site has often times served as a valuable resource. With that said, I'd appreciate feedback on this logo for a metal/rock band that I've been working on. I have included sketches and snapshots of the design process:


Need some feedback on design agency logo

I am new to this forum and would like to ask your opinion/critiques on my new logo for a small design agency. The older one was created some time ago and now I'm not fully satisfied with it. It doesn't work very well on small sizes and looks a little bit old-fashioned to me. I've created several new versions with a modern look but can't decide which will work better.

To keep continuity with the old logo I used same red and gray. The font is also the same.

What logo do you think suits best for a small design studio? Do you have any negative associations with any of these logos? Any thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Gaming brand: picking the right typefaces?

So I'm attempting to to redesign the corporate identity for this brand here.

The logo is currently used for a professional gaming team that has been around for many years. In terms of what the brand should represent: professionalism, edginess & competition/sportiness with perhaps a bit of a futuristic vibe given the industry it's in.

As you can see, the text version of the logo is quite tacky and outdated (currently uses Concelian Jet).

While the core shape of the logo is unlikely to be changed, I've been considering trying to change the font used in the main logo and move it *beneath* the logo instead of on top. However, I've been struggling to find something that really fits well visually.

Critique my logo please!


I've designed a couple logos for an accelerator called "WE". For some reason I've been struggling with how short the term "WE" is.

The first logo is based on an isometric grid. I don't know how legible it may be.
The second one is much simpler.

What do you think? Which one should I go with? What should I change?

Thanks in advance.

Critique: Monogram Logo



I am new to the forums and am extremely exited to dig into them and join the conversations, for my first post I was wanting to get some feedback. I am currently working on some basic branding for myself and was wanting to know what you thought of the mark I made for myself. Could I get general impressions and what you think is wrong with it? Thanks so much!

Here is my Old logo:

Here is my new one:

Pairing Type with Logos


So first off… hello to everyone. I am new to the typophile site. I have looked through it many times before and am in awe of the depth of knowledge that this site brings to surface. I am a design student here in Florida bumbling around the world of type and look forward to learning and sharing here. I have a ton to learn but I am a hard worker and ready for some knowledge in hopes that one day when the design cosmos aligns and can share my experience strength and hope with another with the same desire for knowledge.

So I am currently learning the nuances of type (I hope :>) and have a challenge. The current project is branding a mobile food service.