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Family Stem Weights Calculator


This is a simple little tool that will help you plan the stems weights values across a 9 styles family.
Input your thinnest and boldest stems values, and it will show you a wide range of possibilities to get you started.

The first column will provide steps of equal size.
The last column will provide progressive steps.
The 3 columns in the middle will provide intermediate steps.

You can use this values as a starting point to plan your family.


Stem width difference % between lowercase and uppercase Serifs?

I couldn't find any information from internet, has any1 read some good book about this? THx alot if someone could help.

Btw, i tryed to measure some width differences some serifs that i already have my computer and there was lot's of variation..

And sorry about bad english ;)

Looks like REAL WOOD!


Hi! If somebody is looking for a font made from "real" wood, consider this: http://www.youworkforthem.com/product.php?sku=T0595

This would look very snazzy in design or fashion magazines. You can get this from the smart guys at youworkforthem.

Quote: "Limber Limb is a high detailed, hand drawn alphabet design with the visual nature of real wood."