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Hello !

I think fonts softwares offer a great opportunity to produce "more" than types for the client. The project below, Brouniak, is the third for which i used FontLab to create symbols the client can use in classical office softwares to get : vectorial logotype, vectorial backgrounds, vectorial pictograms, etc.

For Brouniak, i've created a special font, with the logotype instead of letters and dots instead of numbers : the client can use a vectorial logotype on documents he creates under OpenOffice, and the clock of his computer generate dotted random backgrounds (i've used the "insert date/hours" function to do that).

You can read (in french) the full project here : http://www.punkat.com

1. Logotype and font:

Sorry guys I couldn't find a good screen shot to post. Please just visit the link to see the awesome serif used for the logo. It's the first thing that comes up on the top right corner.


Any help identifying the typeface would be much appreciated.

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Art Gallery Logo Crit

hello! First time user, long time reader. Thought I'd put this awesome community to use.

This is a logo for an art gallery.

One is the display logo, the other is an alternative logo for other uses.

Go harsh if you can, i'm still learning.

Hi there,

Can anyone suggest a typeface for a Football (Soccer) Museum Logo? It will be an "interactive" or hands-on museum all about football history, players, etc. from all over the world.



Can anyone suggest a typeface for a Football (Soccer) Museum Logo? It will be an "interactive" or hands-on museum all about football history, players, etc. from all over the world.


Hello Typophiles,

Can any of you recommend a similar font to this? Or perhaps even the original it has been set in?



Paul W

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A better Bing logo

I occasionally use Microsoft's Bing search engine. Coming up on the 1 year anniversary, I finally couldn't stand looking at the typographic travesty that is their logo. So I designed my own, and it's a solid, aesthetic replacement, if perhaps a bit bland.

I put together this GreaseMonkey script that replaces the logo (and favicon) on bing.com and discoverbing.com. I hope you find it useful.

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Thai blackletter

I just found the Bank of Thailand's logo, which is in a Thai version of blackletter:

Is blackletter well known in Thailand? How readable is this?

I'd love to see other examples of blackletter in non-Latin (especially non-LCG) scripts.

Hey yall, I was hoping to get some feedback or suggestions. I am currently in the process of creating a logo for a not for profit organization named Mercy Air, that provides helicopters and airplanes so that villages in remote areas of Africa can receive aid and resources, not just the easy to access places. The mark is still being edited, but the basic idea is there. My issue is with the font, I cannot seem to pick a font that says "mercy". I am trying to convey too much? Would it be better to keep it clean/contemporary and use a simple sans serif, or should I try to "fancy" it out? Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

update: http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/1/picture9ue.png

guess this is an easy one?
Thanks in advance!

I've been working this out for a bit now.

I am looking for some criticism/help. I'm not afraid.

This is a personal logo design, it is my initials which are c j d. i prefer the lower case. Let me know how you feel.

Hey guys,

Client had to use free fonts

Hi there this is my first post-
Rookie designer looking for some critique/ feedback on these logos.

This is a re-brand for an established IT help desk company
which is looking to promote the web hosting side of their business.

They're present branding includes the red colour, with just text (arial i think)
I'd unfotrunately like to stick with only the fonts you get free on a standard mac.

I would like to present a maximum of 3 logos to the client,
not got the confidence yet to decide for myself whats best.

Any feedback welcome, just your top 1 or 2 logos
some finish work needed on all logos

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Kerning Help

Hi everyone,

I'm having issues with the kerning on a new logo. I've been staring at it for so long that I don't know what looks right anymore (weeks). If anyone can give me some pointers or tell me how it looks to them, it'd be appreciated!

Thank you!

Logo here

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Font ID

I'm in a contest for designing a new logo for the CSUN Math Department.
The only condition is that it uses this logo as well:

Any idea of that this font is? I thought Palatino but I might be wrong. The lower case g seems off.

please help me with kerning in this logo.
I am trying 2 hours but I am not satisfied...

The font is like Futura, but it was handmade.

Thank you!


The first time I saw the original Maple Pictures logo I knew the $12.50 I'd spent was worth it, even if the movie was a piece of piss. The way the animation rotated and the tree rings formed the letters just struck a chord in me.


What in the hell were they thinking? What does this say other than we typeset some letters and put a box around them?

I have started this thread hoping to see you add other logos/branding that were redesigned so poorly that you're left wondering "How did this happen?"

Pepsi anyone?

Hello all,

Below is a logo about which I'd like to get your professional opinions. Many of the letterforms were redrawn and I'm now too close to it to see its inconsistencies. I'm looking for any constructive recommendations about refining the details (stroke width consistency, kerning, etc.)

Stylistically speaking, the logo will not be changed, but I suppose I could hear any related comments there, too.

Thanks kindly,

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In this logo I use Bodoni Poster Italic font.
However, I don't have much experience working with classic linked typefaces.

1. I've changed a bit the default kerning so it feels homogeneous and works as logotype.
Does the rhythm of letters looks correct? (http://klim.co.il/misc/logo_01.jpg)

2. It is TTF font, so it doesn't complete the links between letters.
So I built them manually. Are they correct? (http://klim.co.il/misc/logo_01.jpg)

3. The opened link of "m" looked unnecessary, so I decided to cut it.
It became a little limping, so I compensated it by pulling the stem a bit lower.
I also fixed the kerning between "m" and "&". (http://klim.co.il/misc/logo_02.jpg)
I've tried to decide what correct angle the cut should be according


I'm involved in designing a logo for a research group that is going to be established soon. The research is in a field somewhere between natural sciences and their application in engineering. It's about the opposite of an art exhibition or a virtual social network internet site, so there is not much room for eccentric ideas.

There are now two basic choices, and slight changes to the design are still possible. Can anyone help me to decide between the two variants? Thank you!!



I am currently doing a logo for Italian restaurant, pizzeria and spaghetteria. Name for restaurant is Bruschetta, located in Zadar, Croatia.

Client even before brief wanted Kunstler script to use as main typography but I think it is not so appropriate for an Italian restaurant.
I need alternative for script if client doesn't want to use serifed typeface.

So I am looking for a script that has organic feel, that has connection with food, vegetables, ingredients. And also convey italian and mediterranean feel.

Thought of pairing Bodoni and Bodoni script but I am not sure for now.

And maybe something like this.

Thanks everyone.


I'm working on a legacy mark to commemorate the 25th anniversary for a St. Louis arts organization. Out of several options, here's the direction my client picked. It's loosely based on Bodoni and Benton Modern.

If anyone could offer some input on how to improve the curves, I'd really appreciate it. Some areas don't feel quite right yet, particularly in the way the swashes above and below cradle the shapes of the numbers.

Feedback much appreciated.

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