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Celyn b. logo

Hi, guys.
Can anyone identify a font from the logo?


need your help guys, what's the font for GAP, la senza, next, bebe and braun buffel? thanks a lot!

Hi there!

I am fairly new to vectorizing type and I would like some very constructive and critical feedback. I am very new to Glyphs and that is what I used to build this out (see the below to get all intimate with my nodes). Please let me know what you think! Where I can improve it, and other thoughts.

Font of "HOUSTON 2013" on NBA All Star Game ?

Hello, I search the font of this logo, the official logo of the NBA All Star Game 2013 in Houston last February, particulary the font of HOUSTON 2013. If you don't know, can somebody tell me a font resembling ? (the shape of the circles, the octogon of the "0"...)
Thank you very much (Sorry for my bad english, I'm French)

Hi Guys,

I don't actually use this forum like I should be because I'm not a typographer by any means but it's a brilliant resource for getting advice on type related design (lets admit it, 90% of it is type) and you guys are pros when it comes to whitespace and composition. I try to throw my opinion in when its suitable and helpful.

Today I thought I'd post a completed job for it to be torn apart and learn me something.
Red Courgette is a client of mine headed by an over-qualified chef. She's done the rounds of restaurants and world travel and has decided to dig into the catering pie to deliver her delicious goods with credits in the right places.

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Closest Free Font for this Logo


I'm trying to put together a nice presentation template for my new department at work. Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my talks, and so I'm not happy to putting a pixelated PNG in my talk as the department logo.

Unfortunately, the person who put this image together is no longer working here, I'm told, so noone knows what font was used. I'm trying to recreate this logo in high quality.

I'd like to request an ID on this font, and ideally, a free font that is as close to this one as possible, such that I may recreate it.

I think I've IDed the font as Scylla, although confirmation would be fantastic. It's not free, so I can't try it. I've attached the logo, and look forward to your opinions and suggstions.


Trying to figure out the serif typeface used in the CautionWear logo. All responses are appreciated!

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Serpentine-like font

Hi all,
This is a serpentine-like font we used to letter a truck for one of our customers. We don't have the true-type file.
I'd appreciate it if you could take a look and a guess at what the font is.

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Logo critique

Any comments on this logo for an architectural practice:

I would like some suggestions and advice of what to keep in mind when choosing a new font for company that goes with an old logo.

My company is changing its website, and wants to keep its existing logo, but change the font that goes with it. The logo is square, has three parts and is brown and blue.

My existing font on website is Eurostyle Extended, on existing letterhead I don't know what it is, but is different on all marketing tools like visiting card, letterhead etc.

Hence to freeze on one font, how should I go about picking one? Our band roughly stands for innovation, young and dynamic staff, agriculture and biotechnology related business.

I personally like Calibri, but not sure if it goes.


I am developing a tech brand and one of the primary elements are these blocks (one not shown will be the logo), but I'm having a really hard time finding a typeface to compliment them. I explored many san sarifs and even threw Didot in just to see... to no avail. I am at a loss, frankly.

I did make some headway by not using heavy weights. Throwing in a light Dicot (not sure where this came from... can't find info on origins). But I feel like the swell? fillet? (the round corners) aren't doing me any favors.

Hi, Everyone

First post...but don't go easy on me! :)

I'm doing my final project at University in Graphic Design and have created a brand for a range of clothing and accessories to be sold in the store Go Outdoors. It aims to raise awareness of the issues of not enough children getting outside, exercising and experiencing the benefits of nature. I have attached what I have so far for the brand but I'm painfully aware that it doesn't strike a cord with the correct target market (children). The main concept behind it is to use the initals of GO and P from Play to create a tree shape. I think it is the tree shape itself that looks out of place and perhaps too corporate, I'm looking for advice on how I can keep the concept but make it more attractive to a younger audience.

Hi, can anyone identify the font used in 'For The Love Of Mrs Brown' artwork - the condensed eroded yellow one...




Hi all,

I'm designing a logo for a client who has requested two different fonts. I'm not a fan of either, but I don't think they go well together either. But i'm not sure. What do you guys think? What should I recommend? Any other font you'd recommend instead?

He's requested two options:

Mongolian Baiti with Copperplate Gothic Bold


Felix Titling with Copperplate Gothic Bold

Hey guys,
this is my very first attempt at a fully custom logotype. any feedback on the typeface would be awesome.

Howdy folk, we're launching an on-screen design studio.
The approach was to keep a friendly, approachable spin while having something that could play nicely in more serious/sensible surrounds.

Appreciate thoughts and feedback on letter shape/weighting.

Would also love some typeface recommends to sit with it.
Our current view sees some contrasting pairs used, i.e, VAG and Corona

Any and all welcome and appreciated.

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Don Julio font ID

What typeface is used for the "D" and the "J" or what is it based on or what typefaces display very similar characteristics? Any help with this is very much appreciated, thank you.

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High Contrast with Slight Serif

This might be custom but does anyone know what type this is or something similar?

I realize that it might be custom (especially the added slab serifs and missing portions), but is there some font that comes close to this?

Thanks for your help :)

Hi there,

I've been working on a new identity for a young Irish independent Film Festival only in its second year. I've been undecided about a symbol I've been working on for it and I remember when I first came up with the idea I was delighted, I think Ive spent so much time looking at it at this stage that it's starting to annoy me. Looking for fresh thoughts on the symbol as for now the typeface being used is Office. I'd be delighted for any positive/negative feedback/ideas..

The brand attributes include, Vibrant, approachable, Current, Energetic - Supportive. The festival is run by volunteers and all funding comes from sponsorship.


I'd like to know what is the typeface that is used for the main titles of The Streets of San Francisco (1972)?
It looks inspired by the Herbert Bayer and Ed Benguiat. Find below a jpg file of the main titles artwork.
Thanks in advance.

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Where do I go to create a logo for my fly fishing business? Thanx for any help.

I need help!
I'm creating a website/social networking resource and I am designing a logo. I found a font that I like for free from a website and want to use just one letter "s" for my logo. I will not be selling the logo or distributing the font in any way, just want to have a clean logo for my website/potentially more than that in the future.

1) can I do this?
2) can I customize the logo in photoshop or something and tweak it to make it original and use that?
3)if not, what steps do I need to take in order to do this legitimately?

Any help or advice would be extremely appreciated guys!

Hi there. I'm new here, I'm from Brazil and, as the business card I attached says (in portuguese), I'm a psychologist. I just graduated and I decided to print my business cards in letterpress, but my budget is pretty tight, so I have to design them myself. Now I don't expect anybody to work for free, but since I have barely any experience at all with design I thought maybe you guys could take a look and tell me if I'm making any gross mistakes, maybe point me in the right direction. The same goes for the logo itself, the little couch, I designed it myself and it's my first attempt at something of the sort. Any help would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Hi all,

I'm working on a logo design where the client wants the word to be all uppercase: it's an acronym. The word includes an uppercase I, and I suspect that the logotype will be friendlier to read if I dot it.

I don't want to identify the name of the client here, but it's similar to SPRITE.

For the uppercase I, I'm echoing the lowercase i's design while keeping the weight of the uppers.

I need your expert opinions: Where's the best place to put the dot ... above the cap height, or down a bit with the I shorter than the other caps? Any rules of thumb?

Many thanks,


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