Can anybody help with the typeface they use for Good Health logo?
I tried WhatFontIs, IdentiFont and WhatTheFont with no lucl.
Thank you.

Hey, I'm trying to find out what font this designer used for this logo on logopond.com

It would be perfect for a client's logo...

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M and Osso

Guy, any ideas which fonts were used here:

Anyone know what the "PRIMOS" typeface is?

Okay I have been searching all over the net now and I just can't find this font... The font is from "Dance Pollution" a record label founded in 1995. I Think they started using this font around 2000-2001.

It looks like the text was stroked in illustrator so I posted the original and a inverted version.

Original Version

Inverted Version

Hey guys,

I was hoping someone would be able help with identifying this serif.

Thanks in advance.


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Humanizing Robots

I am gingerly searching for help to expand my tried and true font vocabulary. One project in particular, interests me.

The story involves a team of robots that are not your "Transformer" (mean, warlike) types but not "Rollie Pollie Ollie" either. Everything from "Iron Giant", to "Johnny 5-0", to "iRobot" solve this challenge differently.

Any faces the guru's here might add to a list of type-faces that frame this "spectrum" between, from warlike to infantile, first-shooter warrior villain robots to the ever-cuddly but futuristic Wall-e (and his girlfriend – way sexy and modernly futuristic)?

Hi. I'm looking for helpful feedback about my direction, both in choosing and adapting Freehand521 for a start-up clothing company.

The person who originally made this logo file did not create a vector version. That, or they won't give it to us.

Need the tagline font only — "& bake shop." Please let me know if you have any ideas or know of anything similar. Thank you!!!!

Hello Typophiles!
We are proud to announce our new release!

"LOGOMOTION" by Fernando Díaz: a typeface specially designed for logotypes, but can also be used in headlines, posters & signage. It has many OpenType feature programming, that give a more playful and rhythmic spirit, creating an interesting geometric-sans and script mix.



I've been through a few other websites which provide suggestions based on the image, and I went through the questionnaire on Identifont which suggested Chickens and Arista 2.0 - both of these are similar but slightly different to the one I'm after.

The logo I'm looking at is for an Australian company called "Eye Dream Pty Ltd". They're quite small so don't have their own website as far as I can tell, but the logo is at the bottom left of this website: http://coloronpro.com.au/ and is also attached.

If anyone can help me identify this font I'd really appreciate it.



This is a logo I designed for a local Christian Ministry that is just starting out. The name is "Quest Ministries." I was originally going to use a compass as the ministry will help guide the people through life. But I thought it was too busy so I settled for this - a less complicated design but still has the direction idea to it. The logo with the four colors plays into their branding. The different colors symbolize different themes in their business. However, I made it two colors because I thought the four might be a little busy.

I feel like the logo is fairly solid right now but it doesn't have anything in it that really makes it stand out. Any ideas? Suggestions?

Does anyone know what the secondary font used in the Godiva logo is? The word "Godiva" seems to be Optima, but that is used for "Chocolatier"? Thanks!


Please can someone urgently (or as quickly as posible) let me know what the font is used for RIVER ISLAND's new branding?

Kind Regards

circa website

I know that there are but four letters from which to ID this one. Any suggestions gratefully received!


I just designed a new logo / wordmark for my company "DesignBits" and now I am looking for a font to accompany this new logo (see attachment below).

Right now, I am using 'Helvetica Neue' which of course is completely overused and its shape has no resemblance with the boxy feel of my logo.

So I am looking for a font that has a more boxy feel and whose "D" ideally resembles the corners of my logo.

If you have any other suggestions / input, please let me know. But please don't be too harsh with me, logo design is not my main profession ;-)

Thanks everyone.

Hi typohiles!

This is probably the first time I really have to get the kerning right in a logo. Im a web designer by trade and come from Iceland where everyone is pretty much a generalist. I would be very thankful if you nice people would help me make the kerning in this logo better.

My eye tells me this is close but I'm not too sure about the "ke" pair at the end. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance.

Hello All,
Hoping I might get some helpful advice on kerning this type. I'm looking at the two Xs as well as the L and S as potential starting places. As it stands the leg of the L is slightly shortened to reduce the amount of negative space between the L and S. The + sign aligns with the center of the H.

My original intent was to keep the type in a tight rectangular shape. Looking at it now I'm not sure what the best strategy would be – tighten the space (possibly overlap the two X's) or instead increase the amount of space around the other letterforms for balance. Perhaps the leading is an issue as well.

Any insights or tips would be appreciated.


I need to know which typeface this is...it looks familiar but I don't have a match in my font collection. Anyone recognize this?

I can't find this script font anywhere. Can someone PLEASE help me identify it?


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What is this font?


Here is one of the logos of my school :

I have to build a part of their website for a project.

To integrate the logo, I need to change its color but I don't know which font has been used.

Can you find it?

Thank you.

i am currently designing a logo/ID for myself. i already have a base of a logo under a different name but i wanted to try something insorporating my name.

i have been trying for weeks to create a ambigram piece that i like, but have not yet come up with something i have grown fond of. i have experimented with different fonts but all i seem to be doing is creating more things that im not too keen on.

i was hoping someone could help me to create something that is fluid and easy to work out, yet still have a sense of modern design. i am willing to use and fonts/styles.

i'll start with a blue peter moment, here is one i made earlier:

ps. the name i am using is LOWE.

I am in the process of developing a logo and website for my company. The company does branding, web development, and marketing for small businesses. I hand drew this logo and reworked it in illustrator. I wanted it to have fresh energy and inspire people to get creative and excited about developing their identity. How am doing so far?

Hi everybody,

just because it has a lot to do with the typography, I’ll make me bold and post a logotype I made for 4th Virtual Biennale of Graphic Design, which was held by AUG – the topic was ‘Discrimination‘ and as usual, submitted posters had to be just in black and white. And that’s why I decided to make a simple typographic logotype, using Tomáš Brousil’s Comenia Sans typeface.

Eventhough it has been already published, I will be pleased to read any comments and critics, while feedback is always very welcome!

Thanks, JT

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