Hi. My name is Drew and I am doing a branding and development project for a local Mortgage company. The company name is First Home Equity Loans. He asked for a new logo to be "upstanding, professional, and to look bigger than the company really is". He is a former Marine and carries himself and his business in a very upstanding and patriotic demeanor. I developed two different ideas for the logo and he chose from the two. I would like some feedback on both of them as the one he chose will need to be more fully developed and the one he did not choose I would like to possibly use in the future. The customer was happy with the file called "fhe logo approved.pdf" and I would like to finalize that one.

I am looking for the font used for this logo. I tried browsing several diner style fonts but had no success. thanks for your help!

I've seen this specific type of shading treatment on a vast number of logos that I've run across and I love it.

For clarification purposes, does this specific type of shading have a formal name or technique associated with it?

I've always figured that this kind of effect could be done roughly with an algorithm or black and white conversion plugin and then fine tuned, rather than entirely hand drawn--but I've never run across anything that splits shades of gray into black bars of varying thickness like this.

Might any of you kind folks here on Typophile have any recommendations on how to consistently produce this effect?


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Overload font?

Does anyone know the name of the font "overload" is written in?

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Logotype Help

Hey everyone,

I’m working on polishing a logotype for a client and could use your help pointing out any areas to clean up. I’m rather new at modifying type. The original face is Fling.

Also, I’m looking for the right serif to use for body copy with this, hopefully something that’s classy and modern but maybe with some feminine character. Hopefully with a nice small cap variation.

Thanks for your help!

Hi all, designing a logo from a drawing I made,
I need to make the type more legible for the client,
any advice is welcome! The company name is liquid violet.
They are a young

The below was sent to the client as explanation:

'The logo here is typographic. A bespoke
typeface has been created for Liquid Violet
which draws on liquid forms taken from the
name. This logo represents a more modern
approach. Please note the typeface can be
made more legible if desired and the word
‘liquid violet’ can be placed within the

Liquid seems to be more legible than violet right now?

Thanks all.

Hi guys, I'm new to this website and was wondering if any of you could give me some feedback on a logo I've worked up for a design agency. Thanks.

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This logo i created is for a restaurant, here are my keywords: 1920's, class, jazz, new york signage,wine

I keep getting close, but still nothing exact on my company's logo. It's origin is our parent company in Germany, and finding out what it is will be a nightmare judging by other info we try to get.

Help ID this:

From Logo

Thanks in advance!

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A complete font?

Hello, can anybody help with identifying the 'font' used in this logo? I'm redrawing it for a client as part of a refresh/rebrand but I'd like to figure out what the starting point is.

It seems to be pretty Garamond-esque but there are a couple of things throwing it out... Most notably the 'K' and perhaps the 'R'.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me :)

View it here - http://yfrog.com/f/h29st2j/

Hi There

I am working on a logo for the communcations company/agency I am working for and for which I wanted your opinion.

Keywords: proud but simple, embrace (close) and atmosphere

My question: which mark do you think works best?

// MARK 1

// MARK 2

// Concept

// Variations on mark 2

The S is the first letter of the name of the company.
And the colors were choosen by feeling. Afterwards I noticed these were red, green and blue as in RGB (different order, though).

Would appreciate your comments.



This logo was developed recently and it has been unusually difficult trying to get an answer out of the brand agency as to what font(s) make up the logo they have developed. I have tried to match up a font but so far unsuccessfully.

It would be great if anyone could help me id the font in this logo so we can build some new creative inline with the logo design.


Hi there,

I'm really needing to find out the font used for 'wedding' in this header for www.stylemepretty.com. If anyone happens to know what it is, I'll be eternally grateful!

The header can also be found on this page: http://www.stylemepretty.com/wedding-inspiration/

Hey guys. I'm working on this logo for a company with the initials S.E.Co, and this is a special version of the logo that will only be used on one specific product. To be completely transparent without giving away too much, the logo us a subtle homage to GE, hence the big curly E.

Any help would be very much appreciated.I need help with.

1) The terminal of the O: I like that it is not a correct script O, that it almost just feels like a flourish off of the C, but not sure how to finish it

2) The S: wider or narrower up top?

3) The overall weight and feel of the mark. I'm an amateur and I just might be missing some glaring problems.


I'm looking for the Höfner (Hoefner) logo font or font base.

URL: http://www.hofner.com/


I'm currently designing a logo/brand identity for a friend's photography business. His business is called Knox Photography. Right now I've decided to use Baskerville as the main font, but am trying to find a good font pair to use with it. I really like Gotham, but am not sure if it's completely appropriate? I'm looking leaning more towards a geometrical sans serif font.

I've attached an image of a quick throw together of what I'm thinking of. Right now I'm purely focusing more on finding the right fonts than on the logos design. Currently the image is set with Baskerville and Avenir.

Any suggestions?

I am needing some suggestions to help me finish up a logo I have be asked to help redesign. Before all we basically had was just our text name. Then they added our denominational symbol. But we are needing things to be more modern. Here are 3 designs I pulled together what are your thoughts or is there another direction I should go in?

Hello, These are two logo options shown on a rough mock up of the Uride homepage and header space available. The intended message is U (you) ride. I'm not a graphic designer so these are only conceptual.

Uride.ca is a carpool/rideshare site across canada. Carpoolers primarily fall into the 25-40 age group and will use the site for school, public, and work commutes. A green approach to helping the planet.

Please let us know which logo you would choose.

We are looking for the most brandable, marketable, printable logo.

Thank you for taking the time.

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UNO Hotel

A logo I designed for an upcoming hotel in Riyadh. Sadly though, the owner didn't like it =(


I vaguely remember seeing this someplace else and a client just pointed it out. After looking through several sets of type and trying the WTF app I am quite stumped.

Thanks in advance,


I have a company that builds/manages web software as well as providing design services to a small number of clients. For quite a while we've looked at changing our logo to a simple wordmark. However; finding a perfect font that "just looks right" for our company name has proved elusive. We're great at designing stuff for other people but our own seems to be an achilies heel. To be honest, it's now driving me crazy lol.

People on here are extremely knowledgable about fonts (more so than me) so I thought I'd reach out for some help. If you suggest a font and we decide to use it, I will send you $200 (or £125 / €150) via PayPal.

i) The name of the company is Aylis
ii) Letters can be upper/lower (Aylis AYLIS aylis)

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for the font used in the finnish Rugby federation logo. (Image enclosed)
It's a Black&White one like Castellar, but the letter S has a serif closer to Times New Roman.

Best Regards,

Please help me to identify the font in the attached image.

I've tried http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ and http://www.identifont.com/ but unable to identify.

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Kerning Check

I've been staring at this way to long now and need fresh eyes. I'm most concerned with the "Sw" spacing, but if you see any other pair out of whack let me know. I have 2 versions, the top one has "Sw" a bit looser and the bottom has the pair tighter. I had almost settled on the top one, but at this point I don't think I can make a objective decision on it.


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