Hi everybody,

I'm looking for the font used in the finnish Rugby federation logo. (Image enclosed)
It's a Black&White one like Castellar, but the letter S has a serif closer to Times New Roman.

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Please help me to identify the font in the attached image.

I've tried http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ and http://www.identifont.com/ but unable to identify.

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Kerning Check

I've been staring at this way to long now and need fresh eyes. I'm most concerned with the "Sw" spacing, but if you see any other pair out of whack let me know. I have 2 versions, the top one has "Sw" a bit looser and the bottom has the pair tighter. I had almost settled on the top one, but at this point I don't think I can make a objective decision on it.


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Gritty font

Here's what I'd love to know:

1. What's the name of the font used in the logo?

2. Is there a font similar to this one but smooth? (i.e. a sans-serif without any of the grittieness)

I would be very grateful for any assistance.

Thanks so much,


I am currently thinking about ways to make my logo more memorable. I am running a web design business, but rarely venture out into logo design.

The logo should be as simple as possible, so as to not distract from the portfolio on my website. It shouldn't be too high either, so it fits neatly in the header of the website.

Please let me know if you think that I am on the right track here or what could be improved.

Thanks for any feedback.


Looking for some feedback on a logo for a new client.

It's a finnish golfer by the name Henri Lipsanen. The client wanted something simple and I don't have much time to do this so simple it is. He also wanted a monogram of the letters HL and the colours grey and green.

This is my first version. Some simple type modification of Insignia with a monogram that is supposed to remind you of a golf course.

Any feedback appreciated.

I've been away for a while, but I'm back with a new logo that needs critiquing. The company produces and sells high-fashion jewelry and other related products. The lettering is built from scratch. How does it look?
Any comments appreciated.

I am working on the logo redesign of E&P Federal Credit Union and would like some input on what I have so far. For a little background, E&P has been the federal credit union for employees of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (hence E&P) but they are looking for a brand new look as their clientele demographic and business model shifts. Their main group of members now come from both a few local colleges and employees of the environmental protection agency. They are also planning to shut down many branches and become more of a virtual financial institution, where almost all banking services would occur through a new website.

What they want to say with their new look:
• Professional and trusted
• Helping the environment (by going all virtual)
• Friendly/personal
• Secure

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DKA Logo Help!

I just started messing with a logo design for a web design company "DKA" they already have a bird in there logo and requested it be used in there new one. Constructive criticism please!

I'm need to recreate this logo for my band. This was created before I joined but I can't figure out what font was used. Any ideas?

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I´m a student and i need help with a Logo.
It is for a group of people, who fight for printed products (against e books, online newspapers etc.) This group is not real, i invented it. The Logo combines a fist and a book. Some people I asked could not see the book. I made another version in which you can recognize the book better, but it is not as aggressive as the first attempt. I want it to be aggressive. "Druck" means "Print" in german.

Can you think of a way to make the book better recognizable in the first attempt? Or do you see other mistakes I made?

Thanks a lot in advance and excuse my bad english.

Because it's hilarious to me, I thought I'd share a link to a huge multi-page rant about the logo emblazoned across the front of Egnater guitar amplifiers. The website is a site about guitar gear, like amps and effects and stuff.

Terrible mistake by Egnater.

Anyway, here is the logo that they are complaining about, the great big scripty "Egnater":

$.50 to the person who points out the bigger issue with the design :p

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Personal Branding

Hi Everyone, I am a motion designer and currently working on a self branding project and looking for some expert advice on selecting the best type face for my logo and a accompanying font i can use for al of identity for web, video and print.

Now im looking for a font that represent , dedication and hardworking, friendly and personal, innovative and engaging .

I would really appreciate any thoughts you might have.

Thank you


Hi everyone,

I'm looking for fonts from two Rugby union Clubs Logo. Excerpts are those are attached
The first one is from Rennes ERC, I really don't know what font it is.
The second one is from CA Orsay, it's some kind of mix of Cooper Black and Clarendon (but shapes from C, O, R seem to be different)


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White Lies font

Anyone know what font this is, used by the band White Lies?

Many thanks,


Hi Typophiles!

My initials are d, l, and s, and they are really hard to put together into a personal logo. Believe me! This is my seventh official attempt at constructing a cool identity. I sort of want to convey professionalism and perhaps invoke a little mythology (a little hydra/lochness monster comes otu of it) while at the same time having my initials (a) evolve into each other and (b) come together as a what some might call a typographical swash or like something you might find in Adobe's Wood Ornaments type.

I'd love your artistic opinions on it--I know it's not done yet, but I don't know what it needs exactly. It is coming off a little bit messy. I'd love to hear what you have to say so I can finally finish it! I'm attaching a larger version. Thanks again in advance!

I'm trying to settle on fonts for a logotype that is a compound word (want to distinguish
the 2 parts of the word).

Leaning towards a serif/sans mix but trick is finding a combo that has very similar x-height and shape, and lasting power for a logo.

There are 2 sets of double "Os." This is where I'm stuck, to go with very round or very not round.
Also a lowercase "g" which is probably my favorite letter in double storey form.

Overall look should be friendly, approachable.

I'm leaning towards Minion combined with either Syntax, Meta, Profile or Whitney (the last of which
I don't own and will have to buy).

Any opinions?


So, if I can identify this font that would be great, but I'm guessing that it's a custom job, so if I can find something similar, or even samples of similar stuff that isn't font based, or EVEN just somewhere to start looking for inspiration so I can start from scratch myself, that would be awesome.

The main thing I want to replicate for a logo job I'm working on is a fun retro script, that doesn't look like it's trying really hard to be retro. The thing I like most about the Grill'd logotype is that the variation in width across the typeface is very subtle, and not overly calligraphic.

Their website is http://www.grilld.com.au/ if anyone wants to look deeper into it. Any pointers leading in any direction would be much appreciated!

I will appreciate your help.

Hi everyone,

This is my first attempt at an identity project, and not having proper graphic design (much less typographic) training under my belt, I would really appreciate some feedback from more discerning eyes!

The "client" is a technology startup, looking to make sense of financial networks. The goal of the identity therefore is to convey the idea of innovation, and data connections on a global scale.

I'm unsure about the proportions here, but my main conundrum is that I would like for the text and the graphic to have a visual relationship, e.g. echo each other in some small detail of form (I'm thinking United Airline's original logo by Pentagram here...) Any suggestions? I'm also afraid that it looks really boring.

I'm tyred of looking for a typeface even similar to this and nothing. There's no Bodoni or Didot that is exactly like this one. Can anyone help me here, please? Thanks in advance.

This font has been driving me nuts....does anyone have any ideas, as to what font this is? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

This is the official logo for a small school, which the only three letters "B, A, and C" overlap each other in addition to the yellow cross on the left.
For some reason this is the only picture available and it is already quite small.
Any other appearance of this logo is just a poorly scaled version of this one.
I'd like to use it in one of my current projects so any assistance would be appreciated.
I apologize for any difficulty, and thank you for your time.

Hello everybody,

I was just wondering what you thought of this logo for a new online fashion store.

Thanks for any input & Merry Christmas to you all

Any thoughts on my logo please :) thank you!

Here is the company and it's background explained:

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