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Ek Type is a collective of type designers focused on designing contemporary Indian Typefaces.

Ek Type is a collaborative type foundry based in India that specializes in developing fonts across Indian languages, many of which will be multi-script. Giving adequate importance to script grammar and script tradition, it produces standardized and compatible fonts in multiple weights, supporting all platforms for print and screen.

Contemporary Devanagari sign painting fonts


Hello. I've been a longtime lurker. This is my first post.

I'm designing a type-based mural and am looking for a Devanagari display font to use in creating digital mockups. The font should be contemporary with a heavy, sign-painted look, but without large differences between the thicks and thins (see sample below). This Devanagari font will be paired with a hand-lettered slab serif I'm working on.

Recommendations of foundries with emphasis on Devanagari fonts would be tremendously helpful.

I'm surprised how difficult this has been to find, but I may be limited by only being able to search in English. I've found mostly free fonts of questionable quality or fonts that mimic Devanagari with stylized roman characters (bah!).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best wishes,

non-Roman typeface

I came across this very old book in "Marathi" (Devanagari script, Indian origin.
I want to know if there exists a digital typeface like this? if yes, I'd like to have the details, if No, can anyone interested in taking it up as a revival or something?