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I was born Gereformeerd. Gereformeerd is or was in my youth a denomination within the Dutch Protestant orbit stemming from the Calvinistic response to 15th-century Catholicism. While keeping our distance from denominational expressions of Christianity my immediate family and I still keep to some of the observances ensconced in the wider Christian tradition. For Christmas I asked for and received copies of Stanislas Dehaene’s recent book Reading in the Brain: the Science and Evolution of a Human Invention, and Oliver Sacks’s The Mind's Eye.

Hi there typohiles,

Long-time lurker, first post.

I'm looking into my report for my final year
at university, the topic I’m most interested to write
about is word recognition & typography. I think
there could a really angle with the new turns in type
with alot more of the "experimental" typefaces
being ultra-bold, nearly illegible & in alot of cases
lacking a proper family with no lowercase also
compared to say Gill, Helvetica, Futura etc.

In my first year I read a interesting article
on "The science of word recognition" in Eye 52, I’ve
gone back to that article and found Kevin
Larson's paper to be of real interest, the only thing
I’m struggling with now is finding the right
literature to reference from.

Any help on this would be great, I’m still on

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