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Ligatures hell

Hi all,

First of all, hello to all!
This is the first time i post, although i have been reading
this forum a lot, with great enthusiasm!

But let's get down to business.
I have been working on a sans serif font in fontlab.
Everything works fine, kerning, ligatures.


When i want to use my font, on a existing text in indesign, the ligatures don't work.
But, if i create a new text block, end select my font, and start writing, the ligatures do work.

The problem is, that i want to use the font for a new book i'm designing.
It has a lot of text, which i can't just rewrite.

I have tried the trick of copy, pasting (same font, or first changing it into another), also in a new document,
but same problem keeps on appearing.

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Making a bold font in Fontlab


We maintain a font for a client that we're moving to OpenType and they want to make the bold version a little heavier while we do this.

I can use the bold effect to get the glyphs to look the way I want them but is there a way to get Fontlab to expand the width of the character as well when changing the weight of the glyph? Seems like this would be a basic function but I've not yet found it.

I imagine with Python I might be able to script something to "record" the bearings, adjust the glyph weight and reset the bearings to what they were but I've NO idea how to even begin using Python.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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