The Mevum font, which is showcased on 26+ since 2011 becomes a whole font-family now. An extraordinary true italic with an 18° angle and appropriate bold styles complete the family.


Had a good scour of the internet yet everywhere i go says this font is arial, although there are slight differences such as the flat bottom of the S. To make matters worse i only have few letters to make a judgement upon... here goes anyway id appreciate any help!

hi there. i found this gorgeous (to me) type and was wondering if there's a font for it. it's from an industrial brochure and seems to be straight from the CAD software.

it also reminds me a lot of a face used often in japanese video games (though this one is much more crude in its vector paths), if anyone knows of that either.

peep the attached gif or take a look at the source pdf below...

mucho thankerz,

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