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a discussion on Typographic 'Niceties'

Hey! this is my first post! I have already searched to find a specific discussion on typographic 'Niceties' however came up a bit short. Everyone knows typography is one of the designer's core tools. The designer uses type to communicate appropriately, to suggest a mood and a character and to contribute to page and layout dynamics, for both printed and screen based formats such as a tablet or smart phone. its obvious understanding the rules and key facts of typographic detailing will create better communication with the read/viewer.

Good typography should be invisible, yet typography should grab the reader's attention using imaginative solutions.

Typographic hierarchy

Hey guys!
Im new at typography and like some pointers!


I am making a book about banknote design and im wondering about the seperation of the body text. After the copy header (or what do you call it) there is also a space on the right side, automatically added by indesign. Is this decent typography or should i try to align the right row with the top of the body header?

This is one big text box by the way with paragraph styles.

Thank you,

Searching TYPOESIE Jérôme Peignot


Does any body know if there is an English or Dutch translation of 'Typoésie", from Jérôme Peignot?
And where I can get it for a good price?

I've got the french version from the library, but i would like to read it, so ...


Many thanks, for the hero that can help me.