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We're very happy to announce that Slow Print and Typography for Lawyers have entered into a co-marketing agreement. The new "TFL Print Shop" (http://tflprintshop.com) will offer Matthew Butterick's typographic templates and Slow Print will provide typographic arrangement and letterpress imprinting.

As a typography fan who has never had any exposure to "real" fonts, I’d quite like to take a course to learn a bit about letterpress printing. I was wondering if any typophiles have been to (or even run!) any courses in London or SE England and could give me some recommendations?

Looking around on the web, there are two lists, one on Letterpress Alive! and one on British Letterpress but a great many of those links seem to be out-of-date and many of the institutions or presses don’t seem to be running anything anymore.

The School of Visual Concepts in Seattle is hosting a two-day educational event called Type Americana. It includes 8 talks on American type history, a hands-on type design workshop with Sumner Stone and another workshop printing with blocks from the Hamilton Wood Type Museum. Speakers: Steve Matteson, Patricia Cost, Juliet Shen, Thomas Phinney, Paul Shaw, Shelley Gruendler, Sumner Stone, Jim Moran, Bill Moran. Registration includes tickets to the Seattle premiere of Richard Kegler's film, "Making Faces: Wood Type in the 21st Century," and a Q&A session with Kegler. All 8 talks (incl. lunch), both workshops, and film admission: $275. Just the talks (incl. lunch) and film: $150. Workshops will be limited to 15 participants each, so register early!

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