Font hinting on iPad?

Does iPad make any use of font hinting, if available, please? I mean not just safari browser, but the device itself, e.g. in purchased apps.

As far as I know, the CoreText rendering engine on Mac OS X completely ignores font hinting and rather employs subpixel antialiasing (source:

However, iOS devices do not use subpixel antialiasing (probably due to portrait/landscape orientation switching) and do only standard "grayscale" antialiasing, which obviously leads to less precise results. So I am wondering whether or not do they make any use of font hinting (to compensate this)?

How do I optimize the font with antialiasing and hinting? Do you know some tutorial?

Hello people

In that time I told you I had a problem with the font family Titillium, that had still aliasing and pixellation, because of hinting and rasterization absence, did you remember?

Then I was building the fonts at FontForge 2.0 from Ubuntu 10.10. When I finished one font. I installed it on Windows 7 and Ubuntu fonts folders. I opened the font for viewing it, but I got surprised and disappointed with that... because my font is still aliasing and pixelatted. I didn't find how I better and optimize the antialiasing, hinting and rasterization of the fonts at FontForge and, other fonts editores... I couldn't try to correct the deffects of the letters and better the high quality.