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Nastaleeq (ttf) subsetting missing ligature

Hi All,

My first post, so abt me:
I'm a programmer (c/c++/python/perl), but fonts are my hobby. So, please forgive me for any gaps in my knowledge on fonts.
I've successfully converted a free nastaleeq font to woff and am able to use it on my server and results are great.
Now, I'm trying to optimize the load time of the page, which is obnoxious given the fine nastaleeq font.
So, I got into subsetting. I'm using a script to subset based on text I'm going to send out, and the resulting font looks fine to me.
I checked it in FontForge and compared with the original to the best of my (sparse) knowledge. Things look OK to me.
However, the text that looks correct (using ligatures) with the original ttf or woff, renders with isolated forms with the subset font.

Mher Urdu Naskh Font Project-An Open Type Unicode Font

I am also working on Project of an open type character based unicode Font, named "Mher Urdu Naskh Font", that has complete support of Urdu characters.
This font is consist of My fathers Calligraphy, and I had made this font with the complete consensus with my father. Who is a famous and Internationally award holder Calligrapher of Pakistan.

I made especial work for the Urdu Letter ے "Bari yeh". The letters ends on Bari Yeh are commonly not correctly typed in any font. I made work in this regard and in my font all words ending of Bari yeh are typed correctly. TIts Positioning, shape and dot/nuqta below placement is according to International standards of Naskh Calligraphy.

Now I working on kashida support for this font..

Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Mandarin equivalents of Verdana, Georgia etc?

Hi, I'm working on a multi-lingual project for the first time and have been asked to find out if there are any standardised web fonts for each of the following languages:

• Hindi
• Urdi
• Arabic
• Mandarin

Similar to what we have in fonts such as Verdana, Georgia, and...say it quietly....Arial.

Really appreciate any help from the members of the board who may have experience in this field of typography. Of course, and insights from speakers of those languages would be deeply appreciated, as well. :)

Many thanks in advance!

Nastaleeq Font


Inspite of the claims of some of them, no Urdu font is complete for use in Kashmiri. A couple of years ago, I edited Scheherazade, named it as Narqalam, and used it on my web site kashmirilanguage.com. 3 characted, not having unicode, where made by substitution.
Kashmiri, a small minority language, needs a good Nastaleeq font. I am trying to update Paktype Nastaleeq (perhaps open license, or could be referred to owners when complete). I need help with adding the required character from someone experienced in the field. Please help in this purely education, non-profit effort.