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Price notations

So, I keep seeing different price notations on posters at the metro stations and they often frustrate me. Now I just want to verify that there is logic behind my frustrations, in that I want to verify whether the other notations are simply incorrect or perhaps the rules to the notations differ per country, but I suppose all the same I shouldn't be seeing different notations in the same country. Here's an image to illustrate the different things I've seen:

Price Lock-ups Helvetica Neue

Greetings everyone. Love some advice on type treatments for price lockups that look elegant on screen. Have a client who employs Helvetica Neue (licensed) as it's corporate type face and I'm struggling to create an elegant system for displaying potentially verbose number amounts. Example: $329.87 looks fine small but at larger sizes gets clunky. Any thoughts or comments appreciated.

It's about the price of fonts...

Hello everybody!

I have a quetsion about the price of fonts. I don't know exactly by how much price I sell one font with more of 100 glyphs to MyFonts...

If I sell a font with more of 100 glyphs to MyFonts, what is the price?
If I sell a font with more of 1000 glyphs to MyFonts, what is the price?
If I sell five fonts with more of 100 or 1000 glyphs to MyFonts, what are prices?

So I and my colleague intend to sell our own fonts to MyFonts, but we don't know exactly what the prices.

I saw the fonts family PF Beau Sans Pro, MyFonts sells one font by 79 dollars while it sells a fonts family by 729 dollars. I imagine the Parachute foundry sold to it by very high price.