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How do you protect your fonts from being stolen?


I'm about to try to sell my first font and introduce it to the world, but...

How do you protect your fonts from being stolen by someone who could take them and rename them, and claim that they were the original creator and sell them themselves or whatever they want to do with them?

What measures do you take to protect your fonts from this kind of thing?

Thanks in advance.

Rockwell name query... copyright/license


Can the word rockwell be used as a name of a new space in conjunction with the use of the font?

I am setting up a new building that provides rented studio space to small creative businesses in London. We decided we wanted to call it Rockwell House. We've have used the Rockwell font for the logo and website.

Is there an issue with us using this? What are the parameters we should be aware of? Please can someone give me some advice on using this.