BOXDON - latin typeface for vertical layout


Hello Typephile members.

I've released my typeface "BOXDON" which was especially designed for vertical layout. The typeface looks like boxes or playing blocks with minimal counter space to enhance 'stacked' feeling as much as possible.

In general, Japanese, Chinese and Mongolian, etc. is well known as languages which can have vertical layout system. However, even in usage of Latin alphabets, we can see some examples of vertical layout as building signage and spine of books. Then I thought that we have possibility to design special typeface for vertical layout to dig out expansion of type design world.

I hope this typeface gives spicy inspiration to your graphic design..

BOXDON at MyFonts.

Century Schoolbook - What's What?

I'm considering using Century Schoolbook for a book project and looking into the Century type family has left me a bit confused..

Whilst going through samples of different 'Century Schoolbook's in use and what's available here at school, there seems to be stark differences between some of the different Century Schoolbooks I've found. I.e. Bitstrem Century Schoolbook compared to Monotype Century Schoolbook looks very different in continuous text.

Looking around at the Typowiki and Wikpiedia page on Century didn't help either. Any information on the different 'Century Schoolbook's would be appreciated. (i.e. What was actually improved on in New Century Schoolbook if that was the cause behind the design?)