Hello all,

I found this image in an old french book of lettres. I was wondering if it could be desaturated and made into a font somehow. I do not have the resources or the know-how to do this. If you're able to do this and don't mind, I'd be very appreciative if you could send me over the .otf or .ttf file.


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.FOG format

I was given these type of fonts for a design I work on. I need them in true or open type. Is there a way to convert .FOG format fonts without buying Foglamp program?

I've got some PostScript Type 1 outline fonts that I need to convert for use on a PC.
What tool is the best to use?

I have an OpenType font I am trying to convert to TrueType format with FontLab 4.5 and it just crashes when I try.

Any ideas out there?

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Need help to convert TTF to .SFT


I have a TTF font that I want to convert to .SFT (to be installed on the flash of HP printers).
Can anyone help?

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