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Barcode Font Help

I'm trying to set up some bar codes, these need to be printable as fonts with limited pre processing, I've selected a barcode called Code 93 which is quite condensed compared to say, Code39 (its predecessor)

I'm now trying to get/create a font for it as it seems to be hard to track down (and I have no budget to fork our $100 dollars) I have had some success fixing a broken free font but I'm a bit lost at the "Hinting/Instruction" aspect.

I'm trying to print this barcode on a 203dpi Thermal transfer label printer, what kind of auto hinting etc do i need to do get this to work (From MS word initially and a FoxPro form generator down the line)

[or does anyone have a working free version, the first results on google lack start and end characters required]


Small scale soap producer - labels

I'm designing labels for a line of soaps. One woman makes the soap, uses a lot of organic and natural ingredients. She was using clip art before this. I'm doing this freelance and I've really only had a couple design jobs before, so feel free to tear it apart. Just looking for a general critique. Thanks: