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Custom fonts not showing up in Microsoft Applications?


Hey Guys...

I have a big problem and I know there are a bunch of smart font people on here so I sure you can help...

I'm building an icon font in FontLab Studio 5.1 and for the life of me I cannot get the font to show up in Microsoft Applications (Word, Powerpoint etc.). Shows up in every other professional app like Illustrator, InDesign... I read all the docs on Microsofts website pertaining to output when making a typeface by MS standards and I followed it perfectly (I think).


I'm hoping someone can lead me in the right direction...

Thanks a ton in advance :)

Microsoft VTT for hinting

Hello everybody!

I want to download the Microsoft VTT tool, but I can't figure out how is it possible!
Right here, on http://www.microsoft.com/typography/tools/vtt.aspx it tells that I must fax them a copy of a signed agreement. First of all, come on, fax in 2014? And also the link to that agreement doesn't work.

I've googled for it and couldn't find any solutions. I've seen some links to it on the FontLab forum, but they also do not work.

Does anybody know how to get Microsoft VTT?

Favourite Microsoft system fonts


Hello everyone, I'm new here at Typophile.

Microsoft products (MS Windows & MS Office) come with a variety of serif fonts. If you were limited to use Microsoft serif fonts only (for printed text), which would be your favourites to use?

I like Century Schoolbook, Goudy Old Style and Book Antiqua (Palatino Linotype has a wider line spacing by default).

Thank you.

Hebrew "falling back" in Microsoft applications


Hi, all. Long time lurker, first-time poster. I'm working on a font project that includes an integrated set of Hebrew characters (actually, the project started out as a Hebrew font that grew to include a harmonious Latin script). Recently, the Hebrew characters (including the Shequel, but none of the other currency symbols) began "falling back" to TNR or some other default font, but only on Microsoft applications, including Word and Character Map. Other, non-Microsoft applications display the Hebrew characters correctly. I've done nothing to the OpenType script or any of the other "under the hood" stuff; I've just been drawing contours, adjusting bearings, etc. as I have been all along. Any idea what's triggering this?

Can't access italic version of font in Microsoft applications


Newbie here, I'm generating a font with Fontlab 5 (on a mac) and I'm having a lot of problems using my font in Microsoft applications. Specifically, the font is available for selection in MS software but I cannot choose between the regular and italic version of the font; both of them have a "check" to the left of them and only the regular version of the font gets displayed. I've generated / installed them as both .ttf and .otf files with the same result.

Using Adobe Illustrator / other software I'm able to access both the regular and italic versions; the problem is MS applications. I've looked at these forums and have seen some posts specifically about generating fonts for MS applications and have followed the instructions but it hasn't worked out for me.

Does using MS fonts for a watermark remove my rights to an image?


I have begun putting watermarks on images because of rampant theft on the Internet. (Paint.Net is good for this, and free.) Someone warned me not to use MS fonts or I'll lose my rights to the images. From what I've read, that does not sound possible. What do you think of this comment?

"Do not watermark using Microsoft’s “free” fonts, at that conveys maximum legal copyright in the “derived works” to them."

If that's true, then I'll need to find something plain and simple to substitute for Arial.

Microsoft are really really bad people (?)

Hey all,

This is the link posted by zeno333 ( http://www.typophile.com/node/95122 ) to know what is your favorite letter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F691weEVpwc
There is another thing towards the end of the video where Mr. Spiekermann criticizes Microsoft a lot. He goes to say that Microsoft is a company with bad tatse and stingy( since they didn't want to pay Linotype their license). He also says they commissioned Segoe to look like Frutiger and Arial to look like Helvetica.
I think Microsoft does a lot in the field of Typography(OpenType and VOLT). I also personally like Segoe UI more than Frutiger.
Do you think Mr. Spiekermann is right here?


new microsoft corp logo - opinions?

Just read this article http://techcrunch.com/2012/08/23/new-microsoft-corporate-logo/ talks a bit about the new microsoft ID / logo and has a nice video of it in action. I want to hear some feedback from fellow typist. thoughts or criticisms? what do you think about the lig? is it perfect?

The "name" OpenType table for the "Cambria Math" font doesn't have the encodingID = 10 for the Windows platform. Is this a bug ?


In the figure below, you'll see a screen shot of two windows showing the Open Type "name" tables for the "MS Mincho" and the "Cambria Math" MS fonts.

If you consider the platformID = 3 (Windows fonts) on both results, you'll see that the "MS Mincho" font shows correctly, names for the encodingID = 1 (Unicode BMP UCS-2) and 10 (Unicode UCS-4). But the "Cambria Math" font only shows encodingID = 1. It doesn't show the encodingID = 10 names. I know for sure the "Cambria Math" font has both encodings. Is this a bug ?

Microsoft Word doesn't like my new OpenType font


I have a new OpenType font I'm working on and when I try to load it into Word X, it shows it in the menu, BUT when you click on it it switches to the font next to it in the list instead and refuses to make it work.

The font works perfectly in Adobe programs and in TextEdit (I'm using Mac OS X).

I have heard many people have problems with Microsoft programs loading various fonts, but I would like to sell this font sometime soon and don't want to have to tell anyone that it doesn't work in some Microsoft programs.

So far I have only heard people saying a font of theirs doesn't show up in the menu because they have the wrong printer drivers installed, but this is something different than that because it does show up in the menu - it just doesn't work!

Help! OpenType & Small Caps Glyphs Vs. using Opentype with other formats interchangably


* Has anyone had any problems using the Small Caps feature in an Open Type font purchase?

* Has anyone had problems using Open Type in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel?

I'm working on a project for a client in which I'm rebranding their marketing materials. I'm using Gill Sans Small Caps for headings and Gill Sans Roman, italic bold etc. I use both a Mac and PC. The client uses a PC.

Custom font family defaulting to Times (except for one typeface)


I am using Fontlab to create a font family; there is a regular, bold, and expanded typeface. I have installed the font on a windows machine (not my choice ugh), and it does run properly in MS Word (surprise, note sarcasm). I am only given the Expanded version as an option in MS Word. It defaults to that when I select the font. If I try to manually change it, it gives me Time New Roman, but calls the other fonts Regular, and Bold. It does however run fine in the Adobe Suite, CS2 (what a shock, note sarcasm)

I have examined several MS fonts and I am using the exact settings (with my font names of course) under basic font name panel. I am literally creating the same naming convention and settings for each of the three fonts. Any ideas?

A better Bing logo

I occasionally use Microsoft's Bing search engine. Coming up on the 1 year anniversary, I finally couldn't stand looking at the typographic travesty that is their logo. So I designed my own, and it's a solid, aesthetic replacement, if perhaps a bit bland.

I put together this GreaseMonkey script that replaces the logo (and favicon) on bing.com and discoverbing.com. I hope you find it useful.