Need this font id'ed for custom decals for my bike please

Hi all,

Just joined this site because I heard that you typophilesare really good at what appears to be a bit of a challenge to me. I will get my bike done with a new pain job. I am also getting some custom decals done. I want to keep the original font, size, design etc. but am going for a custom color. The printer I'm using to get the decals done, found some similar fonts but couldn't identify the actual font used. So here's my cry for help from you guys.

Here's an image of the decal, hope you guys can identify the font.

Thanks for your help.

Identifying Bicycle Decal Fonts

I know this is a long shot but I'm trying to identify the fonts used in these Old bicycle decals so I can re-create them. The bike dates from 1988-1989

The fonts I'm trying to identify are those used in the words RANDONNEE, BRITISH and EAGLE

I have also attached pictures of a different bike using the same fonts with decals that are more complete

Grateful for any help