Note that depending on the candidate, this does not have to be a full-time gig, or even necessarily based in Portland. All open to discussion given that you are a fabulous candidate! It is a contract position rather than permanent, but of course contract often leads to permanent….



We have received many queries about using our typefaces on websites and we want to make sure all of our customers have all the necessary tools to work on a wide range of media. Hence TypeTogether has partnered up with four trusted companies that are able to reliably serve our fonts for your websites and provide you with the necessary technical support. We invite you to check out their website and start enjoying TypeTogether's fonts on the web.

FONTDECK: http://fontdeck.com/foundry/typetogether
FONTSLIVE: http://www.fontslive.com/catalog/?ff=59
TYPEKIT: http://typekit.com/foundries/typetogether
WEBINK: http://webink.com/

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