How are the metrics going?


Hello everybody,

I have prepared a small amount of text taken from Wikipedia to test how my font is looking. Please take a look at the attached PDF and critique, offer advice, prise or whatever you feel like doing. I believe the spacing and kerning is going ok, and another pair of eyes could help a lot.


PS. Please keep in mind that the typeface is not intended for reading long texts, so read it big and rest after a while )

Kerning pairs - upper case W and lower case i


I'm working on a new project for a conference based in Windsor, UK. I'm experimenting with faces like Hoefler Black but I'm struggling with the spacing and kerning between the first two characters of the word Windsor. I'd like tight kerning on the whole word but as you can see with the basic example image (above), the upper case w seems disjointed from the remainder of the word causing an imbalance (to my eyes at least!).
Any input, help and advice from all you Typophiles would be appreciated.