Anyone got any ideas on this monospaced font, please?


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Monospace font

Is this courier?

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almost mono, linear sans

Hello — Can someone help me identify the near mono, linear sans, used throughout EDUN's site as headers, subheaders and nav? Thanks so much ...

for better reference (large flash/sorry)

this looks like something they might have put together themselves at casco... any similar suggestions?

Hi All.

Wondering if anyone has worked with a face similar to the copy reading "ing. c. oliveti e c., s. p. a."

Hi Does anyone recognise this typeface?



Can anyone tell me what monospaced font this is?
The typeface is from a old book, first published in 1986.

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font ID

Do you know the name of this monospaced font?
Thank you!

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Fonts Mono Rounded

Do you know the name of these fonts or other fonts like these (mono and rounded)?
thank you!

Joshua Lurie-Terrell already wrote about SkyhookMono on MyFonts Blog. So I am in the grateful position that I can let others speak about my typeface and let it shine out of itself:

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