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Efecto de envejecido/ruido

Actualmente están ofreciéndose diversas fuentes tipográficas con efecto de envejecido o desgastado, como por ejemplo en este caso la fuente Roper, con variables por desgaste de la misma fuente.
Ejemplo, fuente Roper, http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/virtuecreative/roper/

¿Alguien conoce cómo se logra ese efecto para aplicarlo desde FontLab, Glyphs o desde otra herramienta de edición de fuentes? ¿Se trata de algún plugin adicional?

Gracias por su respuesta, saludos


Bold command not working properly


I'm updating some fonts originally created in Fontographer 3.5. While creating the bold on some of the characters FontLab is misshaping them.

The first page of the attached PDF shows before, the second page after the bold effect.

Using the change weight in Fontographer also caused a problem unless I first used the "Correct path direction," which fixes the problem in Fontographer. However, after correcting the path and regenerating the Type1 font from Fontographer so it could be opened in FontLab did not help the problem in FontLab.

I've played with the various path tools in FontLab but have had no success. I'm guess there is something I'm missing that will fix this short of manually reshaping the character.

Any help is greatly appreciated.