SARK Brief; Research [part 2]

Back to the research, I looked at various graphic designers like Paul Rand, Milton Glaser, Walter Landor and Charmayoff & Geismar amongst other designers. These were all quiet inspirational to my ideas generation, especially Paul Rand's logo designs. Rand's logos were just in a class of there own when it came to simplicity and style. Yeah, I've seen them all before from previous research finds, but every time I look at them they still look timeless and amaze me how well they explain the brand.

SARK Brief; Research [part 1]

Being my very first real life brief I was quiet excited to start this work, since I have only just entered my 2nd year on my university course.
The brief was to create a logo design for a newly invented slash proof material, which is better than Kevlar, tested and proven. We had to bare in mind 4 key words, being; Protection, Safety, Innovative and Futuristic, also we had to make sure the design could still be easily recognisable on a smaller scale e.g. clothes label size, since that is where the logo will be seen most of the time.