I'm looking for a sans-serif companion for a fashion house's logo. They have a simple uppercase wordmark in Stilson Display Condensed. I was thinking DIN or nudista might be nice, but also very common.

Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated!

An older font of mine called Signer and some pictures during its design process.

I'm looking for people's suggestions on typefaces that are evocative of 1970s glamour, please.. any contributions gratefully received.

I appreciate that it's a very varied period, but I'm looking for typefaces that are evocative of the UK in the 20th century (specifically fashion) from 1920-80. Any thoughts welcome. thank you.

Hi guys, this is a follow up post to the previous one. I have made changes based on suggestions received. A. and B. were the old logos. C. and D. are new with more legible company's name. My company will be selling fashion accessories, mostly scarves. Targeting women between 28-35. Moderate discretionary income. Let me know what you guys think.

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Logo Help

Hi guys,

Let me thank you in advance for looking at this post. I am starting my own business of selling fashion accessories, primarily scarves. I designed this logo in Adobe Illustrator CS6 using my name and Sans Remo font. Let me know what you think. Target customer is 28-35. Moderate discretionary income.

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Port Vintage

Hi guys

Just released my latest typeface - Port Vintage - expanded upon the original Port.

Port Vintage is a new typeface expanded upon the original Port typeface, released in 2013, and being an experimental Didone typeface with a modern twist, inspired by the well known forms of typography masters such as Bodoni and Didot and the exuberance and elegance of calligraphy typefaces.

Hello, I'm a beginning design student struggling to pair types in a letterhead suite. I want it to look very classic, elegant and "Vogue." My display font is nouvelle vague and I need a very clean fashion- esc font to pair with it. Any suggestions?


Hello guys, here I'm asking for your help to make my font project
Tweegi a reality. Tweegi is a super condensed fonts with two
variables regular and italic, it has a 600+ character set, with regular
and discretionary ligatures, alternate characters, complete set of
numbers, small caps and it covers 105 latin alphabets. The best of this
is that if I can reach the funding goal, it will be free for everyone
to use as they like.

So please check it out and help me spread the word, every help
will be appreciated.

Hello all,
I am looking for a font similar to this writing on a 2012 Bergdorf Goodman shopping bag. This looks handwritten to me, but I would be so grateful if anyone could point me in the direction of a similar looking script, and if possible where to purchase/download it.


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H&M Typefaces

I'm doing a brand identity project for school on H&M and so I need help identifying the fonts they currently use.
Their website is here:

I know that Didot is one, but I cannot recognize the sans serif fonts. Please help.
I'm also attaching a screen shot of their website.


I'm doing a brand identity project for school on H&M and so I need help identifying the fonts they currently use.
Their website is here:

I know that Didot is one, but I cannot recognize the sans serif fonts. Please help.
I'm also attaching a screen shot of their website.


Anyone know what the typeface is for the "Holiday 2012" text? Images attached. thank you!

Can't figure this one out and neither can WhatTheFont. It's currently being used on the homepage of Help please...

Thanks in advance.

Hello Typophile forum members,
I am asking assistance identifying this font. It's very similar to Didot but has a much more sleek/modern appeal. This font appears to be gaining popularity recently in a lot of fashion editorial. Thanks in advance for your help and consideration! :)

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Filosofia - fashion?

Hello! It's been quite awhile since I posted anything on this lovely site. I need some research help.

I started a new job a few weeks ago, an in-house job with an online glasses retailer. They're in the middle of re-branding, and they say they hired me to push it to a more fashion-forward, couture look. Well, they're far enough into the redesign that they're already set on a logo, typefaces and colors. I think I can live with all the choices they've made so far except the typefaces.

I'd like to know what kind of script is the one used in the words "shopping night".

Thanks a lot!!

I would appreciate it, if somebody could tell me which font this is and where to buy it.

This example was taken from fashion magazine 10.

Thank you!

I'm looking for links to any nice Chinese graphic design websites/ blogs/collection of images, as I have to design banners for the launch of a Chinese fashion website.

hello typophillians -

need help idying this fancy baby.
it looks like modern 20... or Scotch Modern, but not quite.

thanks in advance!

I'm not sure if anything like this has been asked before, but here goes.

When did Didone faces become associated with fashion/glamor, and why?

Any recognizes this wonderful typeface?


I was browsing today in the bookstore in Grand Centran Station, New York, when a magazine leapt out at me. A stylish fashion mag from Sweden, called Bon had a masthead that was very familiar. It used a typeface (Garbo) that I designed for Mecanorma in 1975, when I was a student. The font was discontinued some years back and sadly I've no reference of the entire font. Over the years I've seen Garbo used on everything from neon brasseries signage in Paris to ice cream parlours in Phuket, but I think Bon make it look pretty cool.

This looks like a font that I've seen so many times but that 't' doesn't really match with anything I know. Would like to use it for a logo I'm designing and that would be perfect.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


You are looking for a contemporary upright script family?
Lignette Script is an elegant monoline font consisting of 535 glyps, with a wide range of languages covered (including greek) and 71 beautiful ligatures – please make sure to use applications that support OpenType features. Moreover Marcus Sterz created Lignette Deco to complete the graceful look with frames and ornaments.

Right now it is on special sale on MyFonts

Or visit our own website

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