I've been away for a while, but I'm back with a new logo that needs critiquing. The company produces and sells high-fashion jewelry and other related products. The lettering is built from scratch. How does it look?
Any comments appreciated.

Hi Guys,

I am a graphic design student and recently I am attract with few font type from
fashion & lifestyle Magazines. Can you guys please help me identify it.
I attached the files:

best regards,

Hello everybody,

I was just wondering what you thought of this logo for a new online fashion store.

Thanks for any input & Merry Christmas to you all

Happy Sunday typophile board!

/edit: Sorry everyone, realized the name was in the CENTER of the image. Too many design finals have fried my brain.

But if anyone knows where the lower case 't' came from in the middle

-or- the foundry that produced 'Fadeaway' typeface I would be much obliged

hey all,

last days i always came across high contrast serif fonts.
spezial in the field of fashion and magazines.

is there any category name for those fonts or does anyone know where there came from or what background they have?

even a few names from similary ones would help!!!!!
i am sure the font from saturday for industrie magazine is custom made but there are so many out there right now there must be some mainstream version :)

i am not looking for slabserif or egyptienne.
and i am aware that bodoni does have a good contrast in the line width :)

thanks so much!


I'm trying to locate the font for the KITSUNE logo

It seems simple enough but I cant seem to figure it out.


Ken and click on "view issues"

I'm a starting graphic designer and really want help to find out what these are (i've tried "What Font is That" and "Identifont" already).

There are a few fonts, as far as I can count: the serif one used for people's name, a curved-joined san serif font ("Nicholas Hoult" name), and a simple San Serif for some of the text (it's not Futura, it's more narrow, and has an angle (the e goes up, the W's middle bar pushes to the left - I think it's like "Organic" or something).

Please please, would also love to know if you know what the Drama title font is.

P.S. Enjoy the photography

P.S.S. I just put samples of the fonts here, if that's easier. Thank you

I'm in the mist of starting a curated store/gallery in San Francisco and online that will focus on limited edition fashion, furniture, music,design, objects, art books and magazines from a specific region. The first region I'm going to focus on is Belgium. It will be a collection with vintage industrial pieces as well as "cutting edge" contemporary pieces.

I'm calling the store Highlight which is the brand name that will expand to include Highlight Belgium, Highlight California, Highlight Japan, etc. For every country or region I would like to use a specific font, however I would like the word Highlight to always stay consistent.

A few questions for you.

1. Does the community have any recommendations on a source for regional specific fonts?

Hi all !

Can somebody tell me what font is used on the cover of this magazine (thin and curly font shown below in the image)?

Months ago, I discovered the font on internet… and now I can't find it anymore…

Tank you !

Link to the mag site:

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Locking for nice Hebrew font

I want to translate my web the fashion brands to Hebrew, I need to my web a fashion Hebrew font, Can someone help me?

It has been driving me crazy that I can't figure out the sans on this t-shirt by Robert Geller. Any ideas?

Logotype for a small vintage clothing shop. Targeted largely to women, the client wanted a type-driven identity. The inventory is hand-picked vintage and sells to a trendy audience. After a bunch of cycles on numerous customized typefaces, we've centered at this direction. Some subtle things like the terminals, the 'e','r' and 'p' giving it a more character, I wanted a little old-style reference w/out being blatant, e.g. using a historical type.

You'll probably never guess what type I started with... :)

Would love any/all thoughts, thanks!

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This piece of lettering will serve as a hanger in a retail space. I am producing it out of aluminum (water jet cut from an ⅛-inch thick sheet). I am interested in all critiques but particularly those pertaining to refinement of the lettershapes, interaction between letters, & spacing. I would like to keep this a relatively low contrast script. Structurally, the paperboard models I have produced are sound enough and balance well enough. Dresses hang by their straps that fit into the notches between the m & o, and the a & n. The PDF shows the hanger at actual size on a piece of 11x17 paper. (I have not removed overlaps in the font file, but will before producing this.)

Darjeeling combines British Elegance and Indian Flavor. It is flared like Optima, with a scent of Bodoni. By layering “Regular” and “Ornaments” over each other you will create astounding pieces of colorful typography. Additionally there is “Regnaments” which combines the two other styles.

Darjeeling is great as a display font, but also perfectly legible at text sizes. Use the ornaments only to add spice to Your design.

Make sure to use applications supporting all these lavish OpenType features like small caps, various sets of figures, fractals and the 102 discretionary ligatures.

Darjeeling has been recently released at myfonts:

Hi typophiles,

I'm looking for an id on "Georgia Hardinge" type.

Thanks in advanced.

Anyone can help in identifying this typeface?

Hey everyone, well I've got this project and I'd really appreciate your input.

I'm having difficulty finding a suitable font for a men's clothing line. The name is "ALEIXANDRE KORTABERRIA"

I'd really rather avoid any Didot because I think it's too common and feminine. I've included some examples of what I may be looking for below.

I like these sans serifs but the name I'm working with has so many letters that a plain font like that may just look boring and uninspired.

Well I'm open to any suggestions you might have.

Thanks in advance

Hey does anyone know what font Tom Ford's logo is? Also maybe you guys could give me something similar to it if it turns out to be a custom font.

Thanks Thanks Thanks

Here's the link:

After 26 hours I finally finished all the Latin capital letters. I still need to do some letters with diactrics, the Polish letters and several ligatures. After that I can finally start the undercast letters and then the rest...

Célente is a narrow, modern yet elegant typeface particularly designed for the fashion industry, though it can be used for virtually anything including book text. I wanted to design a narrow serif typeface with very small serifs - almost like a humanist sans-serif. Eventually the serifs became a bit larger, but still smaller than usual. I would like your opinions and possibly suggestions.

I will make the Z a bit more narrow, the S a bit more wide, and possibly the O and Q a tiny bit more narrow as well.


Can anyone tell me what this font is? It is used by the Sunday Times (UK) style magazine.

Thank you

We did this hand-drawn logotype for Oilily which will now be Qelavi in the US.

What say ye oh brethren of typographic love.

Any idea?

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