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Filosophia history

Hey there!

I'm a new and learning designer just taking my first typography class. It is something I am really enjoying.
As part of my class, I was assigned a typeface to study and do research on and present as my final project. The face I was given is "Filosophia." It is a beautiful one and I know it was developed by Zuzana Licko of Emigre Fonts in the 1990's. I also know that it was inspired by the classic "Bodoni." Outside of that, I have found very little information on Filosphia itself.

Does anyone know of any books that include information about it or its history? Are there any groups, or communities dedicated to Filosophia? How about any valid websites?

Thanks for the help!

Complement font to Century Gothic Bold


I'm currently working on the branding for a new organisation and I was helping someone could help me pair up a typeface.

We're under fairly strict confidentiality restrictions with this client, but what I can tell you is that the business will be operating in the student market throughout Europe. At the heart of the brand is a sense of functional simplicity. Nothing is superflous with their products; everything is considered, intelligently designed and included for a reason. Style is important as well but it's very much a brand that is not consciously trying to be cool. As you can see, we're hardly talking distressed/grungy typefaces here.



Hi all!

I'm a new member to this forum, but often come here to look at things/derive inspiration.

I am a GD student at Anderson University in Anderson, SC. Our school is very small in terms of students, but the GD program is strong and almost always has award winning designers graduating. I am currently a sophomore in the program and am absolutely loving it so far!

That being said, during the past month to a month and a half, we have been given the opportunity to design a typeface from scratch - from sketching, to hand rendering, to scanning and pathing in Illustrator, to creating an opentype version of the typeface. I've put a lot of work into this project, so I guess I just wanted some feedback on it!

Starting Up a Student Type Foundry

Hi All!

I'm a thesis student at OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) in Toronto, Canada, and I'm trying to start up a typeface foundry at our school called Xheight.

The foundry will promote, nurture and distribute student typeface design through the web. There's also a printed annual component.

Please help my research out by doing the survey at www.xheight.org ! Suggestions are much appreciated as well :D Thanks!

International Student Competition for Typeface 'Milosz'


2011 has been designated as the Year of Czesław Miłosz, and as such it will abound in momentous events making literature an everyday experience and enhancing the status of culture in public sphere. The Year will celebrate the book itself – the word and its setting.

The ZNACZY SIĘ New Art Foundation announces the International Student Competition for Typeface ‘Milosz’.

We hope the competition will highlight the importance of the written word and the craft of typeface design.


Revisiting December


In my sophomore year (now a senior) we were required to make a typeface. Although that was just the beginning of the assignment, the second parts like making a specimen, won't help me now. Needless to say, since that class I've fallen in love with type. Researching, reading, but never producing anything.

I've decided that as a personal project, I would like to revisit what I originally called December and take the forms created in illustrator and turn them in to an actual font. Lowercase, numerals, so on and so forth. I've picked up "Learn Fontlab Fast" and I'm about to dive in over the weekend. I have some sketches for lowercase, and already plan on refining some of the shapes. But I figured why not see what the masters at typophile have to say.

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