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12px body copy complement to Proxima Nova


I'm working on a project that's using Proxima Nova for headlines, but I've been asked to find a complementary typeface for body copy that will be set as small as 12px. I'd just as soon as stick with PN, but I'm curious if there is something that's ideal for that setting?

Using Typekit, if that matters.

"Bay Fonts/Kelly Media" Font List

Hello Typophiles, I am looking for an exact list of all of the font names from "Bay Animation" (which comes from multiple ClickArt packages of thousands of fonts from Brøderbund Software since 1994). Many font names, of which, have been renamed from Bitstream/Corel, and If there's any questions, let everyone else know and we'll post it altogether.

A curious small font question...


Hi all
Hey wow, first post! This looks like the place I might find an answer to a burning question. Firstly a little background. The company I work for has put me in charge of producing our "Year Of 2010" garments, with the names of graduating students printed on the back. We do this on behalf of universities and educational institutions all over the place. The maximum total print size for the artwork is A3, so obviously there's an upper limit to the number of names we can fit on, currently around 1600. Sometimes we have a graduating class of between 1600 and 1750, which requires the production of two pieces of artwork, and this is a real pain for pretty much every stage of the ordering, production and administration process.

Font advice for iPhone (instead of Helvetica/Helvetica Neue)


The iPhone OS uses Helvetica/Helvetica Neue (depending on the phone model and its screen resolution).

While most tech blogs praise the decision, I can only remember negative comments from type setters regarding Helvetica's readability in print, compared to Akzidenz Grotesk or other relatives, because the letters look so much alike. This feature was usually regarded as suitable for logos, not for continuous text. Does it work better for longer texts on screen than in print?

Is there a font that would be more suitable for either one of the two iPhone screens than Helvetica/Helvetica Neue? Maybe just for smaller text (10-12 pixel height on an older iPhone screen)? Has anyone experimented with readability on the devices?

Thanks for your opinion and avice!