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It seems to me that Hebrew is the most geometric font in the world, followed by Latin. How so?
(1) Well, we know that Aleph is composed of two Yuds - one high and one low. If we join them using a horizontal
rather than a diagonal we get a wind handle. Then reversing we get Lamed. I.e. Lamed=-Aleph
Similarly, (2) Daled is not really a door but a detonation handle - hence Delet=hole in wall="Delete". I.e. the hole in the concept of Daled is not in the innards of the letter

Relationship between geometry and typography

Hello all! I'm new to the forum and my name is Filippo. I actually work as graphic designer in Italy and I'm specialized in brand identity (Sorry for my bad English!!!).
I'm very interested in typography and would like, one day, to start creating a complete set of glyphs. Unfortunately right now I understood only some fundamentals of typography and so I'm here to ask you, experts, some questions that turns in my mind! Hope you will be so kind as to answer. :-)