Greeting font anthusiasts,

I have recently finished typing up my Ph.D. thesis in math and I am looking to improve its overall appearance. Let me say right off the bat that the standard font that tex uses, i.e. Knuth's computer modern, is not bad; I'd simply like to explore some further options. I am using the KOMA script latex package which sets chapter and section headings in sans of whatever font family is used for the main text. While this can be changed, i.e. need not be sans of anything, I think I'd like to keep this feature and thus use a serif typeface for the main body and a sans typeface for section and chapter headings.

Whether it be classical, contemporary, or modern typographic forms, what typefaces scream "Shakespeare!" to you?

Also, can you folks identify original typefaces that are used in his publications?

Many thanks in advance. Hope you all had a great and filling Thanksgiving!

Hi everybody, this is my first post.
I will develop a Serif Display to my post Graduation final project. It will be projected for a Craft magazine and I am looking for some good typefaces that I could use as a reference for my studying.
Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Handwriting / Font - Suggestions?
Any suggestions for a font which is - some kind of similar - to this handwriting? Suggestions and help is highly appreciated.
We need it for the translation of a bookproject with not enough budget to create a new font out of these characters.

Hi There,
This is my first post here so pardon me if I've missed any etiquette.
I have a logo mark which is in development which must be a 3 spoke design representing the 'Y' character. Each spoke is equal length and angle and I'm having difficulty matching it to a font and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

I'm really looking for a font where this shape will fit in nicely as the 'Y'. If needs be I'll design a font around it but I was really hoping there was something out there which would fit it.

Thanks very much for any suggestions.


Second of two posts...

Dear All (again!),

I'm looking for suggestions of popular US fonts circa 1948...and also an ID please of the attached font or similar!

Really appreciate your thoughts!

Many thanks,


Dear All,
I'm new to the site so apologies if I don't get this post right first time.
Fabulous site made even more so by everyone's input...

If possible any ideas for the main font used in the newspaper title 'news of the world'... could be hand drawn but any similar fonts?

Thank you all in advance for your help!


I'm designing an identity for a small internet-based writing/blogging business run by four strong, yet fashionable women with great taste and I'm looking for some possible typeface suggestions for a logo.

Hey type geeks. :-) I'm looking for a new font for a book cover. It's for the author, Andy Andrews. If you look at the image below, notice the "the" in the title. I'm looking for something with similar flare, if you will. Appreciate any help. Thanks!!

Hey everyone, I am looking for a font that would go well with the font "Market Deco." It is a free font that can be found at

This is for a documentary over local theatres that I'm working on as an immersion project for school. Market Deco is the font of the headings or titles (mainly in motion graphics). I need a nice, clean and legible font that compliments it well as a subheading. Something that doesn't stick out as much as the Deco font, less bold.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I was wondering if anyone might be able to suggest some typefaces which might be suitable for use in legal work? I should start of by saying that I am based in the UK so, thankfully, I don’t suffer from the “you must use Courier” rules that seem to plague the American system. However, there are some fairly horrific formatting conventions which can make producing attractive documents difficult. For an example, have a look at this.

The main challenge is finding a typeface that has enough presence to look good: i) at reasonably large sizes; ii) where there is quite a lot of whitespace in inappropriate places; and iii) when there is quite large amounts of leading.

hi Typohiles.

I am a self-taught Designer. And my major work area is Illustration & Web. And i do have an interest in Typography.
I would appreciate if i can get some Book recommendations from you experts. I have been reading & following various type blogs around the webosphere, so if you are aware of books which are lot more detailed & still worth buying, please let me know !

Thanks ! :)

Hello everyone,

I am in need of your suggestions.

A little background is needed: the University where I work and study is using the Angel LMS. The biblical language professors are trying to find a font that could be standardized for both Hebrew and Greek.*

What are our options, considering the following requirements:

  • Unicode
  • Must have support for Greek & Hebrew (must point correctly in Hebrew)
  • License: something that would allow us to upload to our own server and distribute to registered students only** / or system font (cross-platform compliant)

*They're open to using separate fonts for Hebrew / Greek if needed.
[EDIT] ** Through a secure LMS.

I'd appreciate your help.


It strikes me there's a lot of good will on this forum, both from users and the Typophile volunteers. It occurred to me that there could be additional ways of generating contributions for the upkeep of the site.

One idea that just jumped unbidden into my mind was that we could make a CD or download-pack showcasing some of the talent we have here and bringing together the best resources. A compilation of type specimens, fonts (beta versions or otherwise not commercially ready) and the public domain articles/resources most useful for people in this community. There are probably lots of other things that could be included, but I'm at work and unable to spend time thinking about it for the moment. There could even be opportunities for advertising, why not. Events calendar?

I'm looking for a Baskerville (or similar) for display use. The font family should contain normal to heavy weights.

Any suggestions?



Help! I hate the childish, inconsistent, heavy-handed scrawl that passes for my handwriting. However, I'm not much happier with the readily available learn-at-home alternatives: italic or modern cursive. They are legible, but that's about it. They reek practicality, without having elegance or sophistication or individuality.

I am looking for a font to use as a model for my handwriting. My ideal would be something modern, distinctive, legible, fairly easy to write quickly and arresting or "cool" (whatever that means when applied to handwriting). A lot to ask, I know.

I would so appreciate any suggestions. Thank you in advance for your help.


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