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Sans family - Working Title: Hopper


Dear Everybody Who Loves Font,

This is my first - quite serious - attempt to draw a font family.

Basic concept was/is to draw a Thin and Black weights and blend
and carefully review all the weights in between.

Now I like this - and would be glad to have any critique.



P.S.: Numerals look still something ugly for me - I'm working on it.

P.S.2.: Italic is mainly oblique for now - except 'f' and 'f-ligas' - but
a few glyphs are planned to be redrawn.

Didone project


Hello Typophiles!

I would like to get some professional feedback. I've started drawing a didone-like
alphabet, taking Bodoni, Didot and a few similar font - and using my imagination and eye at least.

First of all this is meant to be a self-training project - and I like well-crafted Didone-s too so try to achieve something like that :)

It is a very early stage - the very basic letterforms are still tweaked here and there, but I like its slightly condensed look. Small caps and text figures are added using some automated effects and hand-tweaking the results of these.

I've tried to letterspace only the lowercase so far but the first result was a too tight look when text set and way too far wordspaces. First print test showed it too clearly.