sans serif font

Please see the attached font. Can someone help with the heading font as well as the body font? It looks so familiar but I don't know.

Is there somewhere that lists all the free license fonts to browse? I know this is one bc I got it from

Nova Mono is a monospaced font designed for programmers. It takes the best of programming specific fonts as well as book fonts and attempts to bring them together. This font is heavily inspired by many of the existing monospaced fonts especially Consolas and Pragmata.

What is this font?

Seems like a classic, but I can't ID it. Thanks!

Hy guys

I have to know which font is this, I already try
with Identifont and the results doesnt match

G is like Bliss, but the M and N have a little serif on the left top
Please help me!


Can anyone tell me what type this is, and is it the same as the smaller red type that says "The Way I See It"? Thanks, cheers!


Hi Everyone,

This thing looks so familiar but i just can't place what it is, any one know?


Hello everybody.
I'm desperately trying to find what is the font used by the Opera National de Bordeaux.

Hi All,

I'm working in tandem with two in-house designers on a news magazine redesign. The new nameplate/logotype is a heavily customized amalgamation of Gotham Black and Font Bureau's Anisette Bold (think very wide and bold). The serif we've chosen is Glosa Display for big heads, and Glosa Text for body copy. We're also using Stag, a contemporary slab, for headlines, decks, etc.

Anyone know this Inline Sans serif? Or anything similar?

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