Monotype Imaging's XPS-to-PCL 6 and XPS-to-PostScript Vector Conversion Filters Selected for the Next Version of Windows

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has licensed its XPS-to-PCL™ 6 and XPS-to-PostScript® vector conversion filters to Microsoft Corp. for use in the next version of Windows. Monotype Imaging's XPS-to-PCL6 and XPS-to-PostScript driver technology enables printer device manufacturers to quickly and easily support XPS (XML Paper Specification) without modification to their PCL6 or PostScript printers.

Hi All,

A friend and I have started a general graphic design office. We're in need of a printer that outputs text at acceptable resolutions, isn't going to break down on us and isn't going to cost a fortune. Though it will primarily be used for printing generic office documents, I would like for it to be able to print out quality drafts and tests when needed. I don't know much about the standing of laser printers in the current market or which brands to trust. Most of the posts on the forum concerning the topic are outdated and reviews on the web are scattered about and from people who aren't concerned with the same things we are (ie text qualities, etc.)

If those of you on the forum feel like sharing your opinions and experiences please do. It'd be greatly appreciated.

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