Illustrator Aliasing Issue

Hi All!

While working on a typeface in Illustrator CS6, I came across an aliasing issue, that I'm not sure what to do about. I've attached a screen cap of two different "n"s worked on in different occasions, (same system, same software) there was another post regarding aliasing in illustrator on this forum but it wasn't this particular problem. I tried saving the file in a legacy format and pasting them back in, but I really am just shooting in the dark...

Any help would be appreciated!

Illustrator experts' advice needed


Hello everyone,

I am trying to get more comfortable with vector editing software these days (Adobe Illustrator in particular) and I have sort of a workflow question.

Let's say I'm trying to achieve a kinda extended letter "o" shape.

I would start with the outer vector path.

I have seen some people combining a shape out of several other ones.

changing text into vektors in indesign



i sent a pdf created from an indesign file with embedded fonts to a printer and he sent back a screenshot that shows that text in some fonts were completely altered and illegible (see image before/after). as we could not find the cause of the problem (thankful for hints), the printer asked me to change the texts to vektors. this way we could avoid the letterscramble but some other problems occured:

1. i texts formated with bulletpoints the bulletpoints vanished
2. i had created paragraph formats and letter formats using the underline function to create a coloured background for emphasised text. the coloured background (i.e. the underlining) vanished and left white text on white background...