I'm looking for a typeface similar in nature to Quicksand (, but I need it to not be free.

Really, any very rounded sans serif with various weights would be great. The closest I've found is Sofia Pro Rounded, but if you have any other suggestions, it'd be greatly appreciated!


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A Similar Font?

I need a similar font (or the same) for a design

I found this image via an online photo archive belonging to an artist here in the NL. I'm no typographer but it looks like a slightly wider version of Arial Rounded MT, no? Particular attention towards P, L, C, M, E, and S... very rounded, even 'techno/space-like'. After exhausting the powers of online type queries I am hoping that someone here can help identify this particular face. One thing the artist mentioned was that it was highly possible it was a free font and dated around 2008.

I know the text itself might be small but I think it's possible to make out the differences of the type.

Thanks a lot, Typophiles! : )


Does anyone know of a similar typeface to Neighborhood (images below) available for purchase? Neighborhood is licensed under creative commons and is not available for commercial use.

Preferably something with a double-storey g as in the examples

Help please!
Ryan Honeyball

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Looking for Similar Typefaces

Hey all!

I'm creating a logotype for a band and in the stage of looking for type references. The band is a sort of sexy, female fronted, classic rock with an edge sort of sound and look. Equal parts Pat Benatar, Metallica, and early The Who.

So I've found this typeface over at My Fonts and I feel like this is a good starting place for something that could be customized by hand to give it more of that sexiness and edge, while remaining classic and sophisticated:

I'm hoping you guys can help me find more sources of inspiration for the direction I'm trying to go.


I'm looking for a font similar to Gravur of Lineto, with a better kerning and balance of width. I'm also open to a monospaced version.

Thanks for your help, Regards!


I really like the Felix Titling font, I want to use it on a logo I am designing but I also wanted to use lowercase letters, but Felix Titling only has uppercase.

Does anyone know of any similar fonts that also have a lowercase? Or can anyone recommend any stylised Serif fonts that they like to use for logos?


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Banque Similar Font

Hi there,

does anyone knows which font this is? It looks like its a free font, cause kerning s not well done. I know i could use Banque instead but i must persist to get this unfinished look like from the "R" or "K". And this "J" ... u know.

Kind regards

Hello All!

I'm looking for a font that have the same rounded design that Georgia Italic have, but in regular format. Georgia regular is very different from the italic format.

Any hints?

Thank you!

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