Letterpress Correspondence Cards

Looking for a classy print-related Christmas gift? (Sorry, UK only).

I am offering proper letterpress correspondence cards, printed using Intertype or Ludlow slugs, instead of the usual computer-generated photo-polymer.

Printed on super-thick 400gsm card, six styles are available (please ignore the slight variance between the digital fonts used for illustration and the real fonts named in the examples).

I have access to possibly the largest collection of Ludlow and Intertype matrices in the UK, so if you don't like the six example styles, take a look at the huge on-line catalogue of available founts.

The price of £80 per 100, with envelopes, includes proof and delivery.

Take a look here:

Dave Hughes

Holiday gift guide for designers?

Does anyone know of any good current online gift guides for designers? My google searches have found mainly stuff that's either a few years old, or has gifts that more expensive than would be appropriate for coworkers.

(I know I probably should've asked this question a couple weeks ago).