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Juergen Weltin

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Jürgen Weltin (born 1969) is a graphic designer specializing in type design, logos and logo lettering. He started his first typeface Finnegan in 1995 as a student, which was later published by Linotype in 1997.

He worked as an employed graphic designer in Germany and later as type designer for The Foundry in London. After deciding to settle in Germany he began working in his own studio.

In 1999 he was awarded the D&AD award for the telephone book typeface Yellow for British Telecommunication plc. which he started in February 1998 for The Foundry and that needed to be finished in only three months. In 2001 he received Certificates of Excellence in Type Design both for Linotype Finnegan and Yellow by bukva:raz! international type design competition.


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Agilita is a OpenType humanist sans serif, both adaptable and lively. In smaller point sizes, the hairline weight of Agilita is so fragile, it pulsates with the possibility of disappearing and reappearing. The larger the point size of the hairline, however, the more it wants to take charge, its delicacy lifting off the page and grabbing the eye. In heavier weights, Agilita displays an amicable human robustness and warmth. This unique range of appearances from quivering playfulness to classic solidity gives Agilita an independence ideal for highly versatile design applications.

Tintbook CMYK Color Matching System

With technology changes in the printing industry, color matching has become a major hurdle for everyone involved in the printing process. From the computer screen, to laser printouts, followed by printer’s digital proofs that are produced on a variety of substrates using multiple chemical compounds, true color results are often confusing and disappointing. There is no consistency between the computer monitor, digital proofs and the final printed press sheet.

Tintbook sets a new CMYK color standard for everyone involved in the Graphic Design Industry. Working with Tintbook is the best way to achieve desired color and avoid disappointment at the printing stage. It is printed under the same conditions as any offset printing project. Tintbook shows how your colors will appear on paper before you print.


Indices : Terminology/How-To : Characters

Discussion and Design information about specific characters. Terms in parentheses denote PostScript names, when they differ from common names. Actual samples of character in question are shown in brackets.

Aesc (AE, ae) [Æ, æ]
Ampersand [&]
aringacute [Ǻ, ǻ]
at [@]
cent [¢]
currency [¤]
dollar sign (dollar) [$]
eng [Ŋ, ŋ]
Eszett (germandbls) [ß]
Eth [Ð, ð]
ethel (OE, oe) [Œ, œ]
Fist [☞]
florin [ƒ]
Interrobang [‽]
kra (kgreenlandic) [ĸ]
l dot [Ŀ, ŀ]
l slash (lslash) [ł]
Rupiah (Rp, Indonesian currency)
yen [¥]

FF Info

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Ole Schäfer, Erik Spiekermann

About FF Info Text

A complete revision of the original FF Info Text Family. Regular and Caps now work better with the new Italic weights and they all now have standard Adobe encoding and integrated Euro symbols. Some letterforms have been corrected and the widths and kerning have been re-tooled. In addition, there are now two sets of figures (old style and table figures) and Expert Sets with arrows, mathematical symbols, and fractions. Notice: type set in FF Info Text (Update) will flow differently than the same text set in the old FF Info Text.

FF Info Text Italic and Caps Italic are brand new designs by Ole Schäfer as extensions to the Text family.

Museum of Printing History

Indices : Museums : The Museum of Printing History

The Museum of Printing History narrates the story of written communication and the ways in which the technologies of printing have transformed everyones lives. Galleries trace significant developments from ancient Mesopotamian clay tablets, to the Chinese invention of movable type, to Johann Gutenberg’s printing press. American history is dramatized through newspaper accounts of major events from the American Revolution to the Civil War; Texas history is told through the life of the state’s first printer, with a press he owned and a display of the documents and newspapers he printed. The Hearst Newspaper Gallery demonstrates the emergence of modern printing, and our exhibit of historic newspapers documents pivotal moments in recent history.

International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication

Also known as Thessaloniki. Organized by University of Macedonia Press, and held at University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece.

1st International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication, History - Theory - Education, 26-30 June 2002

2nd International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication: Communication and New Technologies, 24-29 June 2004

3rd International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication: From verrbal to graphic 20-23 June 2007


The “Schnorkel” was a term coined by Gary Munch during the TDC Cyrillic Weekend seminar to address the outreaching arm of the V-like character in some Cyrillic languages.

It was a humorous poke derived from the snorkel used in diving gear.