The “Schnorkel” was a term coined by Gary Munch during the TDC Cyrillic Weekend seminar to address the outreaching arm of the V-like character in some Cyrillic languages.

It was a humorous poke derived from the snorkel used in diving gear.

Tom Carnase

German Type Foundry

Indices : Foundries : German Type Foundry - GTF

GTF is a type label dedicated to serious workhorse and corporate typefaces. It was founded by Ingo Preuss and Andreas Seidel in 2006.

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Greek Font Society

UPM How-To

Indices : How-To : Defining UPM (Units Per Em)


Em Square settings?  (esp. this and this)
UPM value of 1000 set in stone?  (esp. this and this)


Indices : Software : Font Management Software : MainType

MainType website

Windows font management program.


Indices : Software : Font Management Software : FontExpert

FontExpert 2006 website

Font manager for Windows. From their website:
FontExpert 2006 enables you to preview and manage both installed and uninstalled typefaces, plus examine your system for font errors. You can display the list of installed font faces, customizable font samples and advanced font properties.


Indices : Software : Font Management Software : FontFrenzy

Font Frenzy website

Freeware font manager for Windows.


Pango is the library for laying out text in GTK.

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication

Indices : Education : Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication is a specialist university sector college based in the UK, near Chislehurst in Greater London. It's particular specialism is in design and broadcasting, with a strong creative tradition in both.

A three-way merger between the art schools of Bromley, Sidcup and Beckenham in 1962 effectively gave birth to today's college.

Their website is:

PMN Caecilia

Indices : Typefaces : PMN Caecilia

Caecilia, designed by Peter Matthias Noordzij, was issued by Linotype in 1991 as PMN Caecilia in a range of weights, including small caps and text figures. This face is (perhaps) the first neohumanist slab serif, with a true slab serifed italic to match. The italic is based on renaissance parameters, meaning it slopes at 5°. This face is a graceful and sturdy slab serif, useful for various applications.

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PMN Caecilia at Linotype


Melbourne, Australia

Established in 1991, Letterbox undertakes typographic projects. Some of these are commissioned by clients (identity systems, signage systems, external publishing and font customisation) whilst others are initiated by the studio (such as lectures, publications, forums and exhibitions). Letterbox have self-published 12 publications commenting on typography and design culture including the Qwerty series, the Ampersand series, and recently Fancy.

Letterbox is headed by Stephen Banham, Lecturer in Typography at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), and regular contributor to international type-culture. Other contributors the studio's output have included Niels Oeltjen, Wendy Ellerton, Morice Kastoun and Sarah Findlay.


Indices : Terminology : Nonpareil

An archaic term referring to a type size approximating six point. From a traditional French adjective meaning matchless or peerless.

David Earls

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David Earls is a web editor and recovering graphic designer based in London, and the author of "Designing Typefaces", a book published by RotoVision.

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Jürgen Siebert

Indices : Writers : Jürgen Siebert

Marketing director for FontShop Germany and publisher of

Nicolette Gray

Misspelling of Nicolete Gray.

Nicolete Gray

Indices : Writers : Nicolete Gray

Nicolete Gray references

Corina Cotorobai

Indices : Designers : Corina Cotorobai

Typographer. Graduate of Type and Media at KABK and Werkplaats Typografie. Managing partner at OurType.

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Charles Borges

Charles Borges de Oliveira

Indices : Designers : Charles Borges de Oliveira

Born: New Orleans, 1971
Sign painter, lettering artist and type designer.

Toying with business idea
New site launched

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Official Site

Steile Futura

Indices : Typefaces : Steile Futura

Paul Renner, 1936-1952

AKA Topic.

Further Reading
Discussion of Futura Steile's History

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