Logo, Font & Lettering Bible

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How-to book explaining the basics of logo design, Lettering, Type Design, Adobe Illustrator, and Fontographer. Written by Leslie Cabarga.

Companion book to the Learn FontLab Fast, a much smaller intro text for learning to use FontLab.

Both books may be purchased via

The Logo, Font and Lettering Bible is easier to find, check and other bookstores, etc.

FAQ Free Fonts

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Legit free fonts. As always, please respect the EULA when using free fonts:
“Some are licensed for unlimited use, some only for private use but not for commercial jobs. You don’t want to take advantage of the kindness and generosity of the people who designed them; it’s really bad for your karma. And you don’t want to risk that, do you?” –Yves Peters

Why doesn’t this page list freeware font websites?