Text Figures

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Also called lowercase figures, or oldstyle figures, these number forms are designed to be used in running text. Text figures feature numerals that come to the x-height: 0,1,2; figures with descenders: 3,4,5,7,9; and ascending figures: 6, 8. Some varations of text figures may not fit this same scheme, but this is the norm.

See also Lining Figures.

What Sans Serifs Have Old Style Figures?
Lower Case Numbers in San Serif, Anyone?
Old Style Figures (OSF) Height


Jim Rimmer

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Canadian type designer, Jim Rimmer, is a rare typographic craftsman who is fully at ease cutting metal typefaces by hand and working the same designs with Bezier Curves on a Macintosh computer. Jim has designed typefaces for his own books that he designs, illustrates, prints and occasionally writes himself. His output approaches Frederic Goudy’s in volume and quality.
Mr.Rimmer has digitized several Goudy faces for Lanston and continues to assist in the evolution of Lanston Type Co. In January of 2006, Mr. Rimmer’s designs were released through P22 under the name of the Rimmer Type Foundry.


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Ductus is the path the writing implement makes in forming a letter. Typefaces are formed by other tools than the (broadnibbed or flexical) pen, but the contrast patterns of the shapes that are constructed in type traditionally paraphrase the shapes formed by the stroke of the pen. Every typeface that deliberately imitates the broadnibbed pen has (or borrows) a ductal logic.

See also Modulation, ductal logic.

Greek Ductus

Communication Arts

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Publisher: Communication Arts/Coyne & Blanchard, Inc. (USA)
Frequency: 8 Annually

Founded in 1959, it is a leading trade journal for visual communications. It’s the largest design magazine in the world with audited paid circulation of 74,834. This includes their Design, Advertising, Illustration, Photography and Interactive annuals.


revista tiypo

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Director: Hector Montes de Oca
Editor: Francisco Calles
Co-Editor: Nacho Peón
Language: Spanish

A typography and design magazine published in Mexico City. Since 2002.
tiypo is the only magazine in Mexico specialized in typography, the interest of tiypo is to spread the typographic and iconografic work that is developed inside and outside Mexico.
In addition it wants to be the main forum of new generation of Mexican typographers, that in the last ten years, have been creating new typographies that little by little have filtered in lands of the national and international design.
Tiypo also has developed parallel projects in which it has invited to participate diverse designers from Argentina, Germany, The Netherlands, USA, Venezuela, Spain and Mexico. In these projects, the typography was applied to posters (Tipografía, Lenguaje visible), animations (tiypo-movil) and recently the creation of a dingbat called Mexinbat tiypo.



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A legal document that outlines the licensing terms for a particular software. These terms usually list the manners in which the software may or may not be used. In regard to fonts, there are several common topics that Foundries must consider allowing or disallowing. Among these are: Number of Output devices covered by license, server installation, back-up copies, embedding, distribution to a service bureau, modifications, transfer of license, &c.

For a detailed understanding of the issues surrounding EULAs for fonts, read Tiffany Wardle’s article The Case for a User Friendly EULA.
EULA chart